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LegalFinders works to help you locate the best lawyers near you. When you’ve been in an accident and need a lawyer, LegalFinders should be your first call.

At LegalFinders, we take pride in finding you the best personal injury lawyers in the United States to help fulfill your legal needs! Don’t wait, contact us today on our toll free phone number for your free initial consultation.


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Find A Top-Rated Lawyer Near You

LegalFinders offers connections to the best-in-class lawyers in the United States. We work hard to ensure you have access to the legal help you need to fight your unique case in your part of the country. Whether you’re looking for a lawyer, or to get legal advice, LegalFinders has got you covered in all areas of law. Our intake team will help you find lawyers near you to fit your needs depending on what type of case you have. 

Locating Top-Rated Lawyers Near You

When you’ve been in an accident, what you do immediately after is important. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident or suffer from another type of personal injury, let LegalFinders find you the right lawyer. Our referral program ensures the attorneys we find are top-rated and board certified to try cases in any court of law. 

Call us first for legal assistance, or when your insurance refuses to pay or underpays your claim.

LegalFinders will connect you with the best lawyer to offer you a free case evaluation. We support you with our network of local, experienced attorneys who have tried and won personal injury cases. We do the leg-work so you can focus on getting better.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why use us to connect to a lawyer?

    When you’ve been in an accident, whether or not you’ve received a denial of an insurance claim or underpayment, it can be difficult to know what to do next. But what you do next is critical if you have to file a personal injury or car accident claim in US courts. An experienced lawyer with knowledge of the roads and venues in your state where accidents might be likely to occur is essential. Let us connect you with an experienced lawyer invested in making sure your medical bills are paid.

    What do you look for when selecting an attorney?

    When selecting an attorney, it’s important to look for certain things, including:

    • Your situation: The first question you should ask yourself is do you need a lawyer? In some cases, moderation efforts between the accident victim, insurance companies and people legally responsible for the action can result in satisfaction outside of court. However, if you are at a point where you’d like to mediate your own rights, it’s time to talk to an attorney and find out how. Most attorneys will offer you a free case evaluation to see if you have a legal case. If you’ve been arrested, you should contact a lawyer right away. LegalFinders will help you find the best attorney for your case. 

    • Attorney credentials: If you’re trusting your important injury case with an attorney, you want to make sure it’s an attorney that has a track record of trying and winning these kinds of cases. At LegalFinders, we are growing an organic network of experienced personal injury attorneys around the United States that will be standing by to give you consultation. That means you can trust LegalFinders to help you find the right injury lawyer.

    • Location: It’s important that your attorney knows your area, the roadways and venues where an accident might occur and major players in the local legal scene. A good, local attorney is also necessary when your mobility is limited after an accident. We understand the importance of partnering you with local attorneys that are licensed in the practice of law, are members of the American Bar Association, and who care about your success.

    Where can I learn more about laws in my state?

    LegalFinders has collected legal information and answers to frequently asked questions for many state and metropolitan areas in the United States. Click on your state to drill down by city.