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It’s easy to connect with top-rated auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles using LegalFinders. If you are an injury victim who was in a car crash in LA and need someone who can remove the headache of dealing with insurance companies and personal injury claims, LegalFinders is on it. We have researched the best car accident law firms in Los Angeles, now you can pick which one is right for you.

Connecting you with the best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

In a single year there are over 6 million car accidents in the US. The Federal Highway Association’s (FWHA) data found in 2020 that although travel dropped by 13% the rate of  fatalities from car accidents increased in the United States as a nation.

However, COVID-19 had a different impact on conscientious Los Angeles drivers in 2020. Instead, fatal car accidents decreased by roughly 3%, probably due to fewer people going out during the pandemic.

It’s a small improvement, but the numbers suggest car accidents with personal injury or wrongful death are still an issue in the state of California, and in particularly congested areas like Los Angeles. In metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, the task of finding a personal injury attorney can seem daunting with so many new law offices being started every year.

LegalFinders will connect you with the best Los Angeles car accident lawyers today. With our network of contacts, LegalFinders can find you the best accident services and lawyers wherever you live. Call us today so you can be connected with a lawyer who can get you the fair compensation you need and deserve.

Los Angeles Car Crash Statistics

According to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the following is true about car accidents in Los Angeles:

Fatal crash statistics below national average

Crashes per year in Los Angeles County

roughly 54k

Fatal car accidents involving pedestrians

more than 50%

result of jaywalking in LA

In a place where the sheer volume of people causes a congestion problem on roadways, traffic accidents are an inevitability. But if you live or work in LA County and have been in a car accident in Los Angeles, LegalFinders can help you get a competent attorney who has years of experience in personal injury law to help you start your claim.

Most Dangerous Roadways In Los Angeles

Below are some of the most dangerous roads in Southern California:

Highways Fatal crashes per square mile
Sierra Highway 2.87
Florida Ave / Rte 74 2.16
State Rte 57 / Orange Freeway 2.10
State Rte 39 / Beach Blvd 1.93
Union Ave 1.49



Below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to car accidents in Los Angeles, California.

What do I do if i’ve been in a car accident in Los Angeles?

As with any accident, getting medical attention is the first thing you should do, even if you’re unsure that you’ve been injured or your injuries seem minimal. If you’re able, take photographs of the area where the incident occurred or have someone take them for you if you can’t. Make sure to head to the hospital and receive a report from your visit, then file a claim and contact your insurance company, no matter if you think you’ve been injured or not.

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury is an injury which is inflicted on you personally. These can often be incurred during car accidents. A car accident injury doesn’t have to be physical, it can also be mental.

No matter, when you get personally injured the resulting days can include loss of income, medical bills and anguish, in addition to the prospect of chronic pain and broken bones.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) every year the US faces an average of $456 billion in losses from non-fatal injuries. More $1.5 billion in California, alone.

Financial losses are a real concern for those suffering from personal injury. Insurance company claims may be your best option to cover the cost of medical bills and injury-related expenses.

To save money, insurance companies negotiate their way to the least payment for a claim with the help of their adjusters. When the cost of incurring a personal injury is higher than what they’re willing to pay you it’s time to hire a personal injury attorney to settle your claim. That’s when you want to call LegalFinders to find a best-in-class attorney on your behalf.

What personal injuries are common after a LA car accident?

Common personal injuries can include, but are not limited to:

LegalFinders understands it’s difficult and intimidating sometimes to pick up the phone and call for an initial consultation. That’s why you can call us instead, and we’ll connect you with the right auto accident lawyer to handle the claim process on your behalf. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Los Angeles.

Truck accidents, rear-end collisions, t-bone car wrecks, and hit and run accidents on residential roadways are just a couple types of car accidents that Californians might encounter in their day to day. Often these types of accidents lead to a need for medical care, and medical care comes with medical costs.

If you or a loved one has serious injuries that resulted in medical expenses stemming from a car wreck, you may have a car accident claim. You need a free case evaluation with a Los Angeles car accident attorney who can review your bills for medical treatment with a legal team and determine if you have an injury case. Call LegalFinders, and we’ll connect you with super lawyers in your area.

What if I don’t feel injured?

Not all injuries are visible or immediately painful and effects may begin days after an accident. Simple daily tasks and activities, like sitting in an office chair or standing on the bus, could agitate your injuries and increase your pain. If your insurance company refuses to pay your claim you could end up unfairly living with chronic pain from imperceptible injuries.

The easiest way to have your accident and injuries documented is to be examined by a doctor as soon as possible, if not immediately after a car crash. Be sure to document your medical visits and include all bills in the claim documents you provide to the insurance company.

Who’s considered at fault for the auto accident?

Different states have different laws for car accident liability. In a no-fault state, the insurance companies of the parties to an accident help pay evenly for medical coverage and vehicle repairs, no matter who caused the accident. 

California is what is called an at-fault state, which means the insurance company of the fault party is responsible for the costs. Sometimes fault is split between multiple drivers, and that could mean you are deemed partly at-fault. 

The state of California also has a pure comparative negligence rule. This means that the percentage you are at fault is assessed, and the amount you’d receive in compensation is reduced by that figure. 

For example if the total cost of damages is $100,000 and you’re determined to be 20% at fault then you’d only be able to receive up to $80,000 in compensation from the 80% at-fault driver and you would be responsible for the additional $20,000.

LegalFinders will get you in touch with California personal injury lawyers who can help you navigate the many nuances of shared fault in accident cases.

If you need a Los Angeles car accident lawyer who offers a free consultation, LegalFinders can help you find the best law firm in your area to manage your car accident case. Car accident victims have rights, and unfortunately they have to exercise those rights through a verdict sometimes.

Legal representation is one way to see through the process even if you are a fault party or uninsured motorist.

Never participate in distracted driving, a leading cause of automobile accidents.

What happens if I’m partially at-fault?

Depending on the state you may see your compensation reduced according to the percentage you’re considered at-fault. You may disagree with the percentage of liability that was decided against you. 

California follows what is known as the 15/30/5 rule, which governs liability coverage minimums as below:

Many drivers will purchase additional insurance to make up for the difference between minimums and the possible expenses caused by an accident.

We know the particulars of claims and laws governing California car accidents can be very confusing. That’s why LegalFinders streamlines the crucial process of helping you hire a local attorney who can guide you.

What if I reside in a no-fault state?

California is an at-fault state so liability is placed on the individual responsible for the accident and they must pay for the expenses incurred according to their percentage of liability.

However in a no-fault state insurance companies coordinate for coverage of all parties which can lead to a longer wait time for payment of claims. Your car insurance rates will also rise each time you sustain a car accident in a no-fault state. Regardless, you can still file a personal injury claim. If you live in a no-fault state but get into a car crash in California, you’ll be subject to California law. LegalFinders can help find the best attorney to help you navigate the claim.

When should I contact a Los Angeles injury attorney for my accident?

Contacting LegalFinders immediately after an accident can ensure you get connected to a top-rated lawyer who can help you file a car accident claim and receive appropriate compensation.

Don’t wait to find out that your insurance claim isn’t covered or that it will be underpaid.

If you’ve already received a settlement that doesn’t cover the full cost of your claim, contact us at LegalFinders immediately to speak with the best accident attorneys available in your area. The longer you wait the sooner your statute of limitations, or time to file, runs out!

What is the statute of limitations in California?

States set a maximum period of time you can go without filing a civil claim for harm caused to you which is known as a “statute of limitations.” In California the statute of limitations is two years from the day you were injured. Any claim you had for compensation may be dismissed by the court.

When it comes to publicly governed areas or government agencies such in the city of Los Angeles car accident lawsuits, there are strictly outlined procedural rules for filing a claim and the statute of limitations is six months. LegalFinders can help you retain the best Los Angeles accident attorney for your claim.

With such a short period of time the best time to file a civil claim and protect yourself is now. Make it a point to connect with an LA car accident lawyer now with LegalFinders.

Does it matter who I choose as a personal injury attorney?

The more experienced your personal injury attorney is, the better success you’ll have being compensated for your LA accident claim. Regardless of whichever city or state you’re located in it’s important to hire a firm with a proven track record of winning cases.

Every state has its own accident laws with particular rules that can change the way a personal injury claim should be defended by an attorney. For a Los Angeles accident lawsuit you should be sure to work with a local attorney who understands the laws that govern the city, and state of California.

With an attorney who is familiar with your local laws an insurance claim is more likely to be successfully processed. LegalFinders removes the additional stress after an accident of finding a skilled attorney.

LegalFinders does the footwork for you. Get connected with a Los Angeles injury lawyer today.

Since all our attorneys are vetted professionals with a legacy of successful personal injury claims you can feel assured that you’re being well taken care.

LegalFinders will discern your legal needs regardless of your insurance company or coverage through the network we’ve established throughout the years. If you don’t have insurance at the time of an accident we will still work to match you with the appropriate attorney and hold others accountable for their negligence.