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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Hawaii

You may have many questions when you are involved in a car wreck, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by car accident victims in the state of Hawaii.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident? What Now?

You need to seek immediate medical attention if you’ve been in a car accident. It does not matter if you can’t detect your injuries or believe them to be insignificant. Make sure that you have photos of the scene of the crash right after it occurs. If you receive medical attention and are taken to the hospital, have a loved one take photos for you.

Similarly even if you don’t have a personal injury contact your insurance company to file an automotive accident claim. Our service at LegalFinders can then get you connected with a car accident attorney that works with victims of car crashes just like you and help you sort out how to move forward with your claim. You have legal options that no uninsured motorist can take away from you. You can contact a service like us or you can simply call LegalFinders and we will get you in touch with a legal team for a free case review.

It’s best that you keep your medical records, police reports, testimonials, photos, and other documents in your records if you’ve been in an automotive accident. When you speak with a personal injury attorney about your car crash claim it will strengthen your case. The more documentation you provide more evidence of your injuries and a better settlement offer will probably be extended to you.

What Is A Personal Injury?

If you get hurt and there is an injury to your person, particularly as a result of an accident, then you have suffered a personal injury. Car accidents are a major cause of personal injuries and can be costly. You may find yourself losing time from work, living without adequate short-term disability coverage, or with a mountain of medical bills from your personal injury.

Nationwide non-fatal automotive injuries cost the United States an average of $456 billion a year according to the CDC. Financial losses are almost guaranteed after a personal injury is sustained. Call and claim your medical bills and other injury related expenses with your insurance provider, as it may be necessary for adequate compensation. Be aware that insurance companies will always protect their interests and their adjusters work with them so that you receive the least payout for your claim.

A personal injury attorney will help settle your claim so that you aren’t underpaid and can afford the cost of your expenses.

What Are Some Common Personal Injuries After A Car Accident?

A car crash can result in any number of injuries. Some of the most common include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Sprained muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Spinal cord injury and whiplash
  • Mental anguish, PTSD and distress
What If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel hurt, after a car accident it is imperative that you receive medical attention. It could take more than a day for your injuries to start agitating you. You may realize throughout the course of your daily movements that your injuries present themselves. Your insurance provider failing you with inadequate compensation is no reason to live with chronic pain or invisible injury.

One sure-fire way to document your injuries after a car accident is receiving an examination from a doctor or medical professional. On any follow-up trips to your doctor keep documents of your visits regarding your car crash personal injuries and include medical bills in any claim documents that you provide to your insurer.

How Do I Know Who Is At-Fault?

Every area is governed differently so laws about faults change from state to state and locality to locality. States such as New York and Hawaii are no-fault states. In a no-fault state insurance providers do not take into account who caused the accident. Instead all parties’ insurance companies collaborate to pay out claims. Regardless, you can still file a personal injury claim in a no-fault state. To understand how to file a claim in a no-fault state, contact a personal injury attorney in your area or let LegalFinders contact them for you.

What If I’m Partly At-Fault?

Everyone messes up sometimes. While you may not feel at fault, sometimes your actions in a car accident legally make you at fault. Instances where you accidentally drive without headlights or don’t see a car that has run a red light and hit you can still be considered your fault due to the circumstances when living in an at-fault state. Luckily, Hawaii is a no-fault state. But because there are so many factors involved in personal injury law it can be confusing and a lawyer with expertise in your area is crucial.

What If I Live In A No-Fault State?

Living in a no-fault state like Hawaii means that your insurer will work with all parties’ insurance companies to pay claims. A collaboration like this by insurance providers can make the claims process longer. Your insurance rate will also go up any time that you are a party to an accident. Regardless of all these factors you can still file a personal injury claim.

The attorneys we recommend at LegalFinders will defend your claim if your insurance company does not offer compensation for your medical bills. We can and will connect you with the best legal professionals to navigate your personal injury claim so call us today.

When Do I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident?

It’s best to seek advice from a personal injury attorney immediately after an accident, or to contact a service such as LegalFinders —we will connect you with the perfect attorney for you.

It’s all too common that accident victims just wait for their insurance providers to contact them, and when they do they learn that their claim was underpaid or completely unpaid.

You deserve a settlement that meets the needs of your property damage, medical bills and other recoverables so contact LegalFinders and we will connect you with the right personal injury attorney immediately. There is a statute of limitations on accident claims in Hawaii so be sure to call us today.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Personal Injury?

The statute of limitation is the period of time from the very end of the accident to the very last day that you can file a claim for your personal injury. This period of time ranges from state to state. Variations can be anywhere from 1 to 6 years depending on the circumstances and the area. In some places if a minor is involved it extends the statute of limitations. In Hawaii, the statute of limitations is 2 years for personal injury.

You don’t have too much time from the accident to bring a civil suit and file a claim, protecting your rights. Let a personal injury attorney help you to avoid the statute of limitations from running out.

How Do I Choose A Personal Injury Attorney?

The process of selecting a personal injury attorney has to be customized to you. You need an attorney with experience trying cases such as yours. Always check a law firm’s track record to see if they’ve had successful cases in the past. Factors such as fault, type of vehicle involved, and the location of the accident can change the way that you navigate your claim depending on the areas’ personal injury laws. Hire an attorney who is familiar with the laws in your area, who lives and works in Hawaii.

When it comes to selecting your accident lawyer you need to be sure that they are experienced with your locality’s laws. Since we at LegalFinders vet our attorneys to make sure that they have the experience you need and can process your claim, we make it easy for you to choose.With the stress of the accident looming over you, you deserve a little break from sorting things out.

LegalFinders easily connects you with top-rated car accident attorneys near you. We have your needs in mind and will recommend a local lawyer that can handle both insurance providers and personal injury claims.

Contact us if you’ve been in an accident, are experiencing pain and suffering and lost wages, and need to connect with reputable car crash attorneys in your area.

Offering The Best Auto Accident Attorney Recommendations In Hawaii

In 2020, according to the Hawaii Department of Transportation, the state of Hawaii saw 85 traffic fatalities. The year 2021 was equally worrisome as speeding and reckless driving data was released. Hawaii showed an increase of tickets, at 10,000 —double the amount of tickets issued in 2020 at 5,000. Driving in Hawaii is more of a gamble than ever before due to these conditions.

Accidents are so frequent that insurance companies are on the defensive and protect their own interests by minimally paying out your claim. There is a backlog of personal injury claims that can threaten to slow yours from being reviewed and impact your pay out.

Large cities and towns attract the most personal injury firms annually. There may be so many accident attorneys that you will become overwhelmed. However, living in a smaller, more rural area may yield less legal options in your search for a car crash lawyer.

If they service your area and are the best-in-class car accident lawyers LegalFinders has them in our network and we’ll happily recommend them to you. It’s our pleasure to leverage our network of legal professionals and car crash attorneys and share them with you to ensure that you get the best local legal services available. It’s easy, just contact us at LegalFinders!

If you’re a driver who’s been in a car crash and are dealing with lost wages, serious injury, and medical expenses there’s nothing to lose by calling LegalFinders.

When you do nothing about your claim, insurance companies are more likely to stick you with expenses. Insurance adjusters make sure that insurance settlements are minimal. You’re better off with a personal injury attorney from your area; they help you receive maximum compensation even if the party at fault has little or no insurance coverage. Call us at LegalFinders or fill out a contact form and we’ll get you a free case evaluation conducted by a reputable law firm in your area.

It’s free to call LegalFinders and get in touch with the attorneys and legal professionals in our network who have many years of experience handling claims with the same specifics as yours. If you or a loved one was a victim of a car accident you deserve fair compensation for your car crash claim so reach out to LegalFinders and we will connect you to the attorney who gets you just that.


Hawaii Car Crash Statistics

They are as follows throughout the traffic fatality numbers are as follows:

Motor vehicle occupants




(including 1 electric bike)



The numbers are indicative of the perils of Hawaii’s mountainous regions. Hawaii is known for many scenic areas but hairpin turns and high elevations on curved roads are major causes of accidents in the Aloha state.

There is a great variety of road types in Hawaii. Some face walls of rock on one side and steep drops on the other side. There are snaking turns and narrow passages. These car crash factors don’t even take into account scenic areas with unpaved roads and poor weather. Accidents are almost a certainty in Hawaii.

You don’t belong on a chart full of statistics. LegalFinders will get you connected today with the lawyer who can handle your personal injury claim.


Most Dangerous Hawaii Highways

Listed below are some of the most dangerous highways in Hawaii and what makes them so treacherous:

Highways Descriptions
Hawaii State Highway 340 An extremely narrow one-lane road susceptible to mud and rock slides when it rains, it has no lights and most segments do not have reflectors; it is located near the village of Kahakuloa
Pali Highway This roadway has experienced many unexpected landslides, low visibility due to fog, poor GPS service, and frequent sharp, winding lanes; it is located in Oahu
Kahekili Highway Also known as “the Death Highway,” this highway has scarce lighting and low visibility, which dangerously leaves you only with your headlights to see; it is located in Maui
Route 200 One lane bridges on this highway are well-known for causing traffic collisions, it also has steep roads and fog almost all year round; it travels between downtown Hilo and Waimea
Ka’ena Point Driving on this road actually requires a special permit due to how perilous it can be and is a lava shoreline; it is located in Waialua, Oahu
Mauna Kea Access Road This drive takes you 13,700 feet above sea level and is the state’s highest roadway and only 3 of the 8-mile road are paved; it is located in Hilo

LegalFinders Alleviates The Stress Of Getting These Answers, And Others, By Doing The Search Work For You

Let LegalFinders do the hard work, we will recommend the best accident lawyer specific to your claim. If you work with us, you’re working with the best so feel better knowing you’re in confident and competent care and that we will contact vetted personal injury firms on your behalf.

Get a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Hawaii, no matter what island you live on or where. We will connect you with an attorney at law who understand attorney-client relationship and can manage all aspects of your car insurance claim. If you have car accident injuries from your Hawaii car, moped or motorcycle accident. You need a local attorney who knows your local roads. Like what it’s like to drive on Bishop Street in Honolulu!

Our LegalFinders network of experienced attorneys is ready to support your legal needs regardless of what level of coverage or insurance provider you have. All we need to get started is some initial contact information.

Did someone else’s negligence cause your accident? If another negligent party is responsible, even if you don’t have insurance, LegalFinders will help you match with the appropriate attorney. Accident law in Hawaii determines your insurance is financially responsible for your accident no matter who was negligent and you need legal advice. Got a cell phone? Get in touch today.


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