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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in South Dakota

You may have many questions when you are involved in a car wreck, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by car accident victims in the state of South Dakota.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident? What Now?

It is imperative that after any car accident, no matter the severity, that you seek medical attention. If you are unsure if you are injured you still need to be sure to see a doctor. Take photos of your scene of the accident right afterward or have a friend or loved one do so if you are sent off to a hospital or other medical care center.

No matter what, contact your insurance provider and file an accident claim even if you do not sustain any immediately obvious injuries. A service like LegalFinders can help you find an attorney who knows how to navigate insurance companies and local law for crash victims who need to determine their legal options. An uninsured motorist can’t steal away any of your legal rights just because they can’t pay out or offer you financial compensation. A case review by an esteemed law firm is only one call to LegalFinders away.

Always keep everything related to your auto accident, including proof of medical treatment(s). Have your police report(s), photos, testimonials, medical records, and anything regarding the accident ready for when you need to speak with an attorney about your claim. If you have more documents to support your claim you will probably end up with a higher rate of auto accident compensation.

What Is A Personal Injury?

If you’ve been in an accident and were hurt, (i.e. suffered an injury to your person, for example) then you have yourself a personal injury. Car accidents will always be a common reason for personal injuries. As a car accident victim, you may also find yourself confronted with the reality of medical bills for personal injury treatment, loss of time from work/lost wages, and having to live without short-term disability insurance.

According to the CDC, traffic related accidents cost South Dakota $205 million in 2018. Financial losses are expected when you suffer a personal injury. Claim every single medical bill you incur and any and all injury related expenses with your insurance provider. Insurance providers will always attempt to cover themselves and work with adjusters to do just that by paying you the least amount possible for your claim.

If your claim has continued to go unpaid or doesn’t adequately cover your expenses, a personal injury attorney can uphold your claim and settle it for a higher pay out.

What Are Some Common Personal Injuries After A Car Accident?

A personal injury can lead to tragic, severe injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Sprained muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Spinal cord injury and whiplash
  • Mental anguish, PTSD and distress
What If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

How you feel after a car accident should not be a factor in seeing a doctor, you need to be examined immediately. You never know when concealed injuries may begin to show themselves, sometimes they may flare up as a result of common daily movements like sitting or walking for work. Chronic pain and invisible injury shouldn’t shake you simply as a result of unfair compensation from your insurance provider.

Further, when you get an examination from a doctor after an accident, you ensure that all of your injuries are documented. If you begin treatment for your injuries, you can and must document any subsequent trips to any doctor or specialist. Make sure that you include your medical bills with your insurance claim.

How Do I Know Who Is At-Fault?

Deciding fault is something that varies from state to state. In states such as New York, a no-fault rule is followed legally. However, South Dakota is an at-fault state, which means fault will be determined by the police investigation of the accident scene.

All insurance providers are required to collaborate to pay out claims so whoever the at-fault party would be is not solely responsible for recompense. If you are unsatisfied with your claim pay out, you can still file a personal injury suit in a no-fault state. A local South Dakota attorney is important to have in your corner, so call LegalFinders and we will connect you with one!

What If I’m Partly At-Fault?

If you are in an at-fault state then sometimes your actions or inactions may cause you to be considered legally at-fault. You could find yourself in a situation in which you were driving and a car you did not notice blew a red light and hit you. South Dakota is an at-fault, or “tort,” state. Car accident law is a puzzle for even the most knowledgeable and so having an attorney with the proper experience in your area is vital.

What If I Live In A No-Fault State?

South Dakota is an at-fault state. No-fault states require insurance companies to work directly with their clients to pay out claims. The process can therefore be drawn out and your insurance rates will absolutely go up any time you are in an accident, even if you are the victim. Be aware that nothing stops you from filing a car accident personal injury claim in a no-fault state.

Compensation for medical bills is so crucial to your personal injury so if your insurance provider is not providing adequate compensation you should speak to a lawyer with experience such as those we know at LegalFinders. LegalFinders will connect you to the best car wreck claim attorneys if you will just call today!

When Do I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident?

Referral services like LegalFinders can get you in touch with top tier personal injury attorneys after an accident, and since you should call an attorney immediately you are in luck. LegalFinders will find a legal professional who can satiate your claim needs.

Insurance companies often notify car accident victims that they have not been paid out or extend a claim pay out that isn’t enough to afford medical expenses for personal injury treatment, property damage, or other recoverables. Contact LegalFinders to cut through the mess and connect you with a car accident attorney straight away. There is also a statute of limitations running from the moment of your accident so call us at LegalFinders now before it runs out!

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Personal Injury?

The time you have to make a personal injury claim is commonly referred to as the statute of limitations and it varies nationally. Most variations in state statutes of limitations are from 1-6 years and are influenced by the state and circumstances of the accident. For example, if a minor is involved, it is not uncommon to see the statute of limitations extended so that they can be at an appropriate, legal age when they file. In South Dakota, the statute of limitations is 3 years for most car accident injury lawsuits and 6 years for vehicle or other accident-inflicted property damage. As an at-fault state, South Dakota follows a version of the comparative negligence rule, which means if your share of fault is more than “slight” you can not receive financial recovery.

Don’t let the clock on your statute of limitations run out on you, bring forward a civil suit and protect your legal rights. Connect with a personal injury/accident lawyer after the accident occurs; LegalFinders can help.

How Do I Choose A Personal Injury Attorney?

The personal injury attorney of your choosing should have experience with cases similar to yours. Partnering with a law firm who has a track record of success is what you want to do. Sometimes because of the complicated nature of accident law from state-to-state, stipulations such as vehicle involved, accident location, and fault all change the course of your claim filing. It is crucial to hire an attorney who knows the nuances of car accident stipulations and lives and works in your part of South Dakota.

Hire an attorney who is experienced with your area’s laws. At LegalFinders we vet personal injury/accident attorneys so that we know they are experienced and can easily process your claim. Let us at LegalFinders make finding legal representation an easy task. there is one less headache for you to figure out!

Connecting with top rated car accident attorneys in your area is easier than ever before with LegalFinders services. Do you need a local attorney who is well-versed in personal injury claims and easily handles insurance companies? LegalFinders has got you covered. Get what you need after a car accident when you connect with LegalFinders.

South Dakota car accident

Offering The Best Car Accident Attorney Referrals In South Dakota

In 2020, South Dakota saw more than 102 fatalities and 88 fatal crashes. National numbers show that in 2020, travel decreased 13% but fatal car accidents became more frequent, according to recent data by the Federal Highway Association (FHWA). Serious car accidents seem to be more likely every single day, and you could very well become a victim.

So many accidents happen every year that insurance companies will always have to strive to protect their own interests because of the backlog of personal injury cases that they are going through. Such a backlog may slow your claim and negatively impact your payout.

Metro areas always attract a large number of accident law firms every year. The number of law firms that provide personal injury claim coverage is dependent on where you live, but could be overwhelming in an urban setting and scarce in a rural or suburban area. You will need a lawyer from your area.

The best in class accident attorneys who work and live in your area are already in touch with LegalFinders, and we can introduce you. Leveraging a wide network of legal professionals and car wreck attorneys is a simple matter for LegalFinders when it involves ensuring you the best personal injury services in your area —all you have to do is call!

Motorists who have been in car accidents and struggled with medical expenses, serious injuries, lost wages, or the wrongful death of a loved one have very little else to lose.

Unfortunately, it is all too common to see the victim of a car accident stuck with medical bills and other expenses because they did nothing about their claim. Meanwhile, insurance companies have their adjusters actively working for them to ensure that your claim is underpaid if not denied altogether.

The personal injury attorneys in your neighborhood can assist you in your accident case and help you receive maximum compensation, even if the party at fault has no insurance coverage or very little. If you call LegalFinders today or submit a contact form we can just as quickly get you a free case evaluation by an esteemed law firm we are associated with.

Contacting LegalFinders is completely free and will result in your connection with a personal injury lawyer in our network who has years of experience handling accident claims like yours.

You should receive fair compensation for your car claim, especially if your loved one or you are the victim(s) of the accident, so have LegalFinders connect you with an attorney who will defend you and uphold your case.

South Dakota Car Crash Statistics

Over 2020, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety released the below findings. Traffic fatalities rose in 2020. Here are the traffic fatality numbers, as reported by The South Dakota DPS Office of Highway Safety/Accident Records:

Passenger vehicle occupants injuries


21 fatalities

Pedestrians injuries


14 fatalities, 75% increase from 2019

Motorcyclists injuries


27 fatalities, 92.85% increase from 2019

Bicyclists injuries


0 fatalities

There is data to suggest that there have been demographic changes. Accidents in urban communities happened more frequently and were fatal. Driving at night or on the weekend was also more of a contributing factor to a serious accident in 2020. Conversely, the elderly saw a sharp decline in car accident fatalities.

The car accident data continued to reveal inequities throughout the pandemic where many stayed home to avoid the coronavirus while in underprivileged metro areas many were still driving as a part of their necessary work commute so fatal car wrecks were statistically at a greater chance of occurring.

You shouldn’t be included in a list of car accident statistics. Get connected with the right attorney to handle your personal injury claim for you by contacting Legal Finders now!

Most Dangerous South Dakota Roadways

Here are the most dangerous roadways in South Dakota:

US Highway 18
Interstate 90
Iron Mountain Road
The Needles Highway in the Black Hills
Catron Boulevard and Highway 16 near Rapid City
Wildlife Loop State Scenic Byway in Custer State Park
Interstate 90 (east to west in South Dakota)
41st Street in Sioux Falls
Intersection of 41st Street and Interstate 29
Intersection of 41st Street and Louise Avenue

LegalFinders Alleviates The Stress Of Getting These Answers, And Others, By Doing The Search Work For You

You will be put in touch with the best lawyer for your personal injury claim and because you are in good, competent hands with LegalFinders you can rest easy knowing that our legal professionals come from vetted, successful firms.

You may have many concerns regarding your insurance provider and the level of coverage in your policy but LegalFinders can absolutely support your legal needs due to the many experienced attorneys we have in our network.

Sometimes motorists don’t have insurance but are the victims of car accidents. If you are one of these uninsured motorists and were in an accident due to another party’s negligence we can still help you find an attorney for your specific situation. Call LegalFinders today to have your every legal need fulfilled immediately. You’ll connect with an attorney who gives free consultation and helps you pursue compensation from the fault driver’s insurance company.


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