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Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Iowa

You may have many questions when you are involved in a motorcycle wreck, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by motorcycle accident victims in the state of Iowa.

How Can I Protect Myself From Becoming Hurt In A Motorcycle Crash?

Motorcycle crashes are tragedies. To prevent further fatal motorcycle accidents, you should follow basic rules of safety and advocate to your loved ones just as much.

  • Wear a Helmet: The CDC has stated in the past that helmets have saved over 1,859 lives. Should 800 motorcyclists have worn their helmets, they too could also have been saved. Helmets protect your most vital organ, your brain, and reduce the odds of maintaining a serious injury.
  • Wear Bright Colors or Reflective Clothing: Bright and/or reflective clothing makes you stand out no matter where you’re riding your motorbike.Drivers are less likely to hit you accidentally if they can see you clearly.
  • Don’t Ride or Drive Drunk: According to State Farm Insurance, alcohol impairment has caused over 40% of wrongful motorcycle accident deaths. Do not get on a motorcycle or in any motor vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Don’t Ride in Inclement Weather: Harsh weather conditions like rain and snow are dangerous for any motor vehicle but if you’re riding a motorcycle your chances of getting in an accident soar.
  • Brush Up On Safety Protocols: Both novices and the most experienced of drivers need to be up to date on safety standards so they can keep others and themselves safe.
What Is The Statute Of Limitations In Iowa?

The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim against another motorist or motorcyclist. In Iowa, there is a 2-year statute of limitations for personal injuries (Iowa Code Ann. § 614.1). The personal injury claim process must start before the 2 years expires in order to receive any sort of compensation for your personal injury. An Iowa personal injury attorney will know how to file your personal injury claim before your time runs out.

What Qualifies As A Personal Injury?

Personal injury occurs when another party harms, or injures, you. Medical bills and health issues that impact your daily life are considered personal injuries if caused by something or someone outside of your control. The wrongful death of a loved one in a motorcycle accident is also a personal injury. A personal injury on the road can happen when another person operates their motor vehicle in a negligent or careless way. Such an accident can cause serious injuries to the other motorists or motorcyclists.

What Are Some Common Injuries Associated With Motorcycle Accidents?

Injuries that you experience as a result of an Iowa motorcycle accident that may have short-term or long-term effects are listed below. Anything can be the cause of a motorcycle accident. The personal injuries that you could experience as a result of being a motorcycle accident victim are:

  • Disfigurement: Disfigurement includes any injury that causes permanent, noticeable damage to a victim’s appearance. This can include scarring, burning, lost limbs or amputation, and any other injuries that impact how a victim looks and presents themselves to the world.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: These injuries are extremely serious, and can lead to death as they can lead to further neurological issues.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain swelling, Subdural Hematoma and many other traumatic brain injuries can be caused by being thrown from the motorcycle, with or without a helmet. Wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of these injuries having long term impacts.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures: While more mild than other injuries, broken bones can still force victims to miss wages and can rack up hefty medical expenses.
  • Wrongful Death: Many motorcycle accidents unfortunately result in death, which is why it’s so important to be aware of bikers who may be lane-splitting, and to share the road.

After a motorcycle accident, reach out to LegalFinders. Our service will help you locate an Iowa personal injury lawyer to protect your needs and handle the legal details of your personal injury claim.

Is Iowa An At-Fault State?

Yes, Iowa is an at-fault state.The main difference between an at-fault state and a no-fault state is who is liable for damages. “At-fault” means the insurance claim is filed through whichever party caused the motorcycle accident. In a no-fault state, all insurance companies for all parties work together to pay out claims. The best way to learn how an at-fault state operates when it comes to motorcycle accidents and how it impacts your personal injury claim is to speak with a qualified attorney.

How Do I Find A Personal Injury Attorney?

The best motorcycle accident attorney will be a qualified expert in personal injury law and understand the ins and outs of your personal injury case. You can do individual research or you can use a recommendation service like LegalFinders for legal representation that’s been vetted by our team. Reading testimonies from previous clients can attest to the quality of legal representation you may receive while working with the personal injury law firm you’re interested in. You want legal advice from a long-standing law firm that has a good reputation winning motorcycle accident cases in the state of Iowa. As a motorcyclist, you are vulnerable after living through a motorcycle accident.

What Should You Do After A Motorcycle Accident?

Danger is everywhere on the road. Experiencing a motorcycle accident can lead to a state of shock. Since you are in shock, you may have serious injuries that you don’t notice immediately. This is why you should always seek medical attention after you have been in a motorcycle accident. In the state of Iowa cities like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport are havens for motor accidents. The physical and emotional injuries that you experienced after a motorcycle accident can be difficult to handle.

You need to seek medical treatment after your motorcycle accident not just to heal but also to document personal injuries and strengthen your case. Proper medical documentation after a motorcycle accident is vital to the personal injury claim process. After you receive medical treatment for your personal injuries it is time to seek legal advice from an Iowa motorcycle accident attorney. The personal injury law firm that represents you will take care of the obstacles in your lawsuit so that you don’t have to.

What If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

You may feel fine, but you are not fine. You may not feel any pain because you are in shock after the trauma of your accident. This trauma means that you cannot correctly determine if you’re seriously injured, so you need to seek medical treatment. Day-to-day activities may irritate your injuries unexpectedly. Medical treatment after a Iowa motorcycle accident is the best way to make sure you have the best medical attention for your injuries. Medical treatment can also serve as documentation for your personal injury case.

How Do I Know Who Is At Fault?

The police report will list the specific party at fault after officers have assessed the scene. The medical documentation of the injury you suffered from the motorcycle accident and the police report are key pieces to your personal injury claim. The medical documentation that you provide after your motorcycle accident can actually also help determine which person is at fault for the motorcycle crash. If you have been in a Iowa motorcycle accident, contact LegalFinders today to connect you with an Iowa personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.

What If I’m Partly At Fault?

You still deserve competent legal advice from a personal injury attorney in Iowa even if the motorcycle accident is your fault. Never shy away from getting the legal representation you deserve. Dealing for months on end with an insurance company or a personal injury lawsuit from the injured party on your own is not a good option, you need legal representation. If you caused a motorcycle accident or if you are uninsured the best legal advice will come from a qualified personal injury attorney. Get your search started today by contacting LegalFinders.

When Do I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident?

Timing is crucial when it comes to your motorcycle personal injury case. Right away after you are in a motorcycle accident, seek out a doctor. After initial treatment, contact a personal injury attorney. The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney after an Iowa motorcycle accident, the sooner you can get expert legal advice to support you during your personal injury claim. Seek medical attention after a motorcycle accident and then get in touch with LegalFinders for a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer.

If you have experienced a motorcycle crash in Iowa, or surrounding areas like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids or Davenport, let LegalFinders connect you with the best motorcycle accident attorneys in the state. A motorcycle accident doesn’t have to overturn your life. When you or a loved one are impacted by a motorcycle accident, contact LegalFinders for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Iowa.

Offers The Most Reliable Motorcycle Accident Attorney Network In The State Of Iowa

Everyone wants to be safe when traveling on the road. Safety can be elusive if you are a biker in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, or Davenport in the state of Iowa. There is nowhere in the world where you can avoid danger when you are a motorcyclist. Other drivers, rapidly changing weather events, live or deceased animals on roadways, and other unknowns can cause a biker to be involved in a motorcycle accident. The Iowa Department of Transportation reported 58 motorcycle accidents in 2020, and of those motor vehicle accidents there were 63 fatalities. Iowa motorcycle accident lawyers are personal injury experts that can take on your case. Everyone that experiences a motorcycle accident has rights that can be protected by an Iowa personal injury lawyer.

At LegalFinders we are here to make sure you get connected with the right personal injury legal team to represent you in any Iowa motorcycle accident case. LegalFinders has a crew of experts that can point you in the right direction after you have been in a motorcycle collision. Our team will recommend qualified personal injury attorneys so you can schedule a case review. Contact LegalFinders today to schedule your free consultation if you have been in a motorcycle accident in the state of Iowa or in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids or Davenport.

Iowa Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) reports from 2019-2021 show that urban and rural roads are equally dangerous for bikers. According to Zero Fatalities, an organization whose aim is to reduce motor vehicle related accidents in the state of Iowa, approximately 18.6% of fatalities on the road were motorcycle related. You never know when there will be an unexpected obstacle when you are operating a motorcycle. Each state has its own contributors to the outcome of a motorcycle accidents and listed below are some Iowa specific statistics:

Crashes in 2020


Fatalities in 2020


Total crashes occurred in August 2020


Motorcyclist fatality victims not wearing a helmet

13 out of 18 or 72.2%

According to Zero Fatalities in 2021:

  • 67.3% of Iowa fatalities occurred on urban roads
  • May had the highest number of fatalities at 43
  • Independence Day and Labor Day had the highest number of fatal accidents

Some actions that have proven fatal on the roadways are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • No seatbelts
  • Motorcyclists not wearing helmets

If you have been involved in an Iowa motorcycle accident contact LegalFinders to assist you by locating a personal injury attorney that is right for your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer who understands the complexity of a motorcycle accident in the state of Iowa.

Most Dangerous Iowa Roadways

Roadway danger is everywhere. City streets, highways and interstates are dangerous for bikers. However there are some roads that hold the promise of greater trouble. Here are some of the most dangerous roads in Iowa you should be aware of when riding your motorcycle:

Ankeny Boulevard First Street
Interstate Highway 29 and 30th Avenue
West Seventh Street and Hamilton Boulevard.
Day Street Sixth Avenue
Iowa Highway 27 and Viking Road
U.S. Highway 65 and Iowa Highways 330 and 117
East University Avenue East 30th Street
U.S. Highway 61 and West Avenue

Rural areas may be more of a danger for drivers, but motorcycle accidents can be caused by animals running out on the road and severe weather like tornadoes. If you have experienced an Iowa motorcycle accident you need to connect with a personal injury lawyer that can help you. Contact LegalFinders today to get your free consultation scheduled if you have experienced a motorcycle accident.

LegalFinders Can Help Put You At Ease With Experienced, Trustworthy Personal Injury Attorneys

Contact LegalFinders so you can set up a free consultation with a motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer. With or without insurance coverage you should get in touch with LegalFinders to help you locate the right personal injury law firm and legal representation. We’re here for you and our team of experts at LegalFinders will help you connect with the best personal injury lawyer for your case. LegalFinders will review the best options for your motorcycle accident case. You don’t have to remain a motorcycle accident victim and you do not need to face this daunting task alone. Contact LegalFinders today!


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