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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Illinois

“Personal injury” covers many case types. Still, they have one thing in common: someone failed to do something they should have, and that choice caused injury to you or a loved one.

A defective product, failure to signal, safety violations, and other types of negligent behavior can lead to high quality of life costs with a spinal or brain injury, disfigurement, and heavy emotional distress, not to mention medical expenses that keep adding up.

Find out more about personal injury law in Illinois and what to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney in this Midwest spot on the map.

Unhappy patient due to a medical malpractice lawsuit in Illinois

Why Hire An Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer?

It’s simple — if you didn’t go to law school, your chances of reaching a reasonable settlement in a personal injury case are much lower than if you hire a personal injury lawyer.


Personal Injury Statistics In Illinois

In personal injury cases, a settlement is often reached outside the courtroom, meaning that a judge or jury rarely renders verdicts.

These statistics can help you understand personal injury in Illinois:

  • Over 85,000 people were injured in Illinois car crashes in 2021, with a cost estimated at $6.7 billion.
  • In 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 100,000 nonfatal workplace injuries, half of which resulted in missed work days and one-fifth of which required a job restriction or transfer.
  • An estimated 14 people out of every 100,000 file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Illinois, making it one of the states with the lowest rates for this type of case.


Types Of Cases Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers Accept

Getting hurt through someone else’s actions or choices doesn’t always mean you have a valid personal injury case. To help you understand whether you might have a case, we’ve listed some of the main types of personal injury below.

Illinois personal injury lawyers accept cases involving:

  • Animal attacks – usually dog bites, but can include other animals and injuries
  • Slip and fall – most often occurring in a place of business
  • Motor vehicle accidents – can include car crashes, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians
  • Medical malpractice – situations like doctors giving incorrect advice, prescriptions, or surgeries, poor medical treatment, nursing home abuse
  • Workers’ compensation – serious injuries at work can make you eligible for fair compensation
  • Premises liability – encompasses animal attacks and slip and fall if they happen on another person’s property and can also apply to swimming pool or trampoline accidents


Common Injuries In Illinois Personal Injury Cases

Injuries in personal injury cases can run the gamut. Still, there are a few common categories for them.

Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Bruises
  • Abrasions
  • Animal bites
  • Fractures
  • Brain and spinal injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis


Eligibility For Personal Injury Lawsuits In Illinois

One of the biggest challenges in most personal injury cases is proving your side. To be eligible for a case, you must prove that there is a reasonable chance that the other party caused your issues.

Another driver may have turned in front of you or a company may hold product liability, but can you successfully argue that or convince the responsible party that you deserve a fair settlement?

Legal Options For Victims Of Personal Injury In Illinois

When it’s been decided that you have a case for personal injury in Illinois, you have two options for suing the at-fault party.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

For anything short of death, you’ll want to file a personal injury lawsuit.

This can help you with issues caused by the at-fault party, such as:

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When injury victims die from someone else’s negligence, immediate family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit against them.

Wrongful death cases can be brought against the responsible party even if the injured person passes at a later time as long as it’s proven that they died because of the accident or treatment.


Factors In Illinois Personal Injury Cases

When filing a personal injury case, know that multiple factors contribute to whether you have a valid case and how much compensation you’ll be eligible to receive.

Fault & Negligence

In Illinois, personal injury cases are examined through an at-fault, comparative negligence lens. This means that anyone involved in the lawsuit, including you, can bear a portion of the fault.

Law enforcement, insurance companies, and the courts determine this. If you’re proven to be at fault, it can reduce the compensation you receive by the percentage of your responsibility.

Accident Severity

If your accident was minor, it can decrease the compensation you’re owed if it doesn’t result in your case being thrown out. More severe accidents will result in higher compensation claims.

Injury Severity

A catastrophic injury is more likely to be eligible for compensation, affecting the quality of life for some time. Minor injuries may receive compensation, but the amount can be much lower.

Amount Of Damages

Property damage, like your car in a crash, can be fairly straightforward to assess and prove. Non-economic damages, like emotional distress, can be more challenging to determine and argue.

It’s a big reason to work with trial lawyers with years of experience in these practice areas, as they know how to identify and explain all types of damage.


How To Get Legal Help If You Are Injured In Illinois

If you’re dealing with a personal injury legal issue in Illinois, look for law offices with extensive experience and testimonials on third-party review sites rather than theirs.

1. Get A Free Consultation With An Illinois Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re unsure of your case, a free consultation with an Illinois personal injury attorney can clear up any questions. LegalFinders will connect you with vetted attorneys in the Chicago area (and elsewhere in the state) qualified to help you with your case.

2. Gather Documentation Of Your Injury

Gathering documentation for your case starts sometimes before you realize you have a case, like at the car accident scene or when a medical professional recommends a particular treatment.

Documentation that can help prove your case may be:

  • Visual evidence – pictures, video
  • A paper trail – written communications, police reports, emails, medical records, receipts
  • Witness statements – those who saw or were involved in the incident
  • Your account – occurrences of visits, your experiences, instances of abuse

3. File Your Personal Injury Claim

In Illinois, the statute of limitations on most personal injury cases is two years from the initial injury. However, there are a few exceptions to that rule.

For example, if the injured party is a minor, the timer on the statute begins when that person turns 18.

You have one year to file a lawsuit against a government entity. And the timer for a person in a coma is paused until they wake up.

Also, know that there can be additional hoops when filing against certain entities, such as mandatory notification in advance of filing.


Can An Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer Get You A Higher Settlement?

In most cases, yes. Hiring legal representation through a personal injury law firm will significantly improve your chances of a fair settlement.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide legal services that include case evaluation, filing on time for deadlines, and applying the laws of the state of Illinois to your unique situation, getting you the maximum compensation.


Qualities To Look For In Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers

Some qualities will make a difference for you and your case when choosing a personal injury lawyer in Illinois.

Some of the main qualities to look for are:

  • Type of law firm
    • Well-known
    • Award-winning
    • Plenty of resources
    • Strong team, possibly up to a national level
  • Experience in your specific case type
  • Communicates well and is easy to get in touch with
  • A caring and compassionate manner toward you and your family members
  • Works on a contingency fee basis


Find A Top Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer Today

When you want to find a personal injury attorney in Illinois but aren’t sure where to start, LegalFinders is available to evaluate your case for free and then set you up with a qualified attorney who will do a free consultation upfront.

Lawsuits can be full of worry, time-consuming, and technical. Working with the right attorney can ease your mind, save time, and help you understand the legal jargon. Let LegalFinders assist you in the initial process today.


Our staff are standing by to help you find the perfect attorney for your case.

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Published: 4 April 2024


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