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Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in Colorado

You may have many questions when you are involved in a truck collision, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by truck accident victims in the state of Colorado.

I Have Been Involved In A Traffic Accident. What Do I Do Now?

Being in any kind of accident can be a scary experience but especially so when it is caused by an automotive vehicle. Seek medical attention immediately after you have been involved in a truck accident. Your injuries at the time even if they may be minor or not to be an immediate health concern, but regardless of this you should still go. Take as many detailed photos of the accident as you possibly can. If you can’t take photos as a result of your personal injury, have a loved one document the scene with photos. The photos should include any details regarding the truck crash, such as damages to the vehicle and individuals.

After you’ve contacted the authorities and documented the scene and its details, you need to contact your insurance provider and file a claim for your truck accident. You have to file an insurance claim even if you do not file for a personal injury in the claim. Determine your legal rights by connecting with a truck accident lawyer that will work with you by calling LegalFinders. If you’re stressed over the truck accident then speaking to a licensed accident attorney to discuss your legal rights can help relieve some of the tension you’re facing. Call LegalFinders today for a free case review by a legal team that’s just right for you.

What Are The Most Common Causes For Colorado Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are much more dangerous to all parties involved than an ordinary two passenger collision and are more likely to end in serious injury or death. Often “big rig” tractor trailer trucks, commercial and semi- trucks weigh up to 30,000 pounds, which can make truck accident injuries very serious.

The heavy load of trucks increases the collision risk factor. Besides the considerations of weight, driving large commercial vehicles can still lead to truck accidents in a number of ways. There are a good number of accidents that happen due to negligence but just as often some accidents can be simply unavoidable. There are very many situations that can end up in a auto vehicle or truck accident such as:

  • Insufficient loading or unloading cargo in the commercial vehicle
  • Driving while tired or fatigued
  • Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Hazardous weather
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving on a route that is unfamiliar
  • A truck drivers’ blind spot
  • Tailgating

If you’ve suffered from damages, losses, and expenses due to a truck accident it is possible that you may be entitled to compensation for your recoverables. Working with a Colorado personal injury lawyer is the way to navigate the steps of filling a personal injury claim because they will be able to make the best decisions on your behalf.

What Is A Personal Injury?

When you receive a personal injury you are guaranteed to deal with pain and suffering. There are many injuries that can go undetected for a period of time before presenting themselves and in time be the burden that causes life-long medical costs and rehabilitative measures. Along with the high cost of medical bills caused by a personal injury, car accident victims may also find themselves taking time away from work or on short term disability coverage that leads to financial stressors.

Insurance companies should be handled with caution as they keep their own interests in mind with their every dealing. These companies have insurance adjusters that work to pay out the least amount possible for claims. When you reach out to LegalFinders, you will be able to find the best personal injury lawyers in your part of Colorado. You shouldn’t be underpaid, dealing with a claim settlement that doesn’t even begin to afford the cost of expenses. By retaining a personal injury attorney you’ll get help settling your claim fairly.

What Are Common Injuries That Can Result From Truck Related Accidents?

The very worst personal injuries that people suffer are usually caused by truck accidents. Beyond the obvious weight differences that are found between an automotive vehicle and a commercial truck, a trailer-truck’s size on its own can create a lot of damage upon impact. We’ve listed some of the many severe personal injuries that you can suffer after a truck or vehicle accident:

  • Broken bones
  • Fatalities and/or wrongful death
  • Disfigurement
  • Lacerations and bruises
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and whiplash
  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures

If you’ve found your life to be impacted by injuries sustained in a truck or vehicle accident then you should file a personal injury claim to settle with the insurance provider. A highly rated Colorado personal injury attorney with years of experience gives you a higher likelihood of receiving a favorable settlement and fair treatment from insurance companies.

What If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

Regardless of whatever condition you may find yourself in after a truck accident, even if you feel no pain, you are still responsible for seeking immediate medical attention. Some symptoms from your injuries may not present themselves immediately and could take time to show, from hours to weeks. It can also happen that your personal injuries become agitated from daily movement as a result of your lifestyle. If you’re suffering from invisible injury or chronic pain you shouldn’t just have to live with it because of an unpaid insurance claim.

You can get your injuries documented by a professional when you are examined by a medical doctor after an automotive or truck accident. Keep a personal record of all your examinations and medical treatments that have to do with your accident injuries and be sure to include all expenses when you file your insurance claim.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injuries In Colorado?

In Colorado state, the statute of limitation for personal injuries is two years from the date of the accident whereas any automotive accidents involving a car or tractor trailer has a three year statute. A statute of limitations is the period of time during which a lawsuit can be filed and it varies in different parts of the US and/or according to special conditions as prescribed by law.

How Do I Know Who Is At-Fault?

States each have their own laws about fault. States like New York are considered “no-fault” states whereas Colorado is an “at-fault” state. In a no-fault state all parties’ insurance providers settle claims together regardless of who the party responsible for the accident was. You can still file a claim in a no-fault state, however. In an at-fault state, the insurance provider of the more at-fault party ultimately pays out claims.

Is Colorado An At-Fault Or No-Fault State?

Colorado is an at-fault state that follows the doctrine of comparative negligence. After an accident occurs, investigators discover who was most at-fault. The party who is most responsible has to pay for the damages incurred in the accident through their insurance provider according to the percentage they were found at-fault.

Motorists in Denver and beyond, have a truck accident case with economic damages you want to file but don’t know what your next steps should be?

Our legal professionals can direct you through every hoop insurance companies will throw at you while attempting to settle your personal injury accident claims. If you’ve sustained a personal injury after a Colorado truck accident, when you connect with us we can provide you with a free consultation from the best in class Colorado lawyers today!

Offering The Best Big Rig, Semi-Truck And Truck Attorney Network In Colorado

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation and as reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by their Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) , there were 638 fatal crashes in 2021 and 691 fatalities as a result of those crashes. When there is a traffic accident, it has serious and often fatal repercussions for truck drivers and motorists alike. Protection against the consequences of a traffic accident is important for the peace of mind of all motorists and truck owners.

Auto insurance in Colorado averages $2,016 annually for full coverage, and $518 annually for minimum coverage though it fluctuates and could be more based on the individual and their driving record. Every driver on the road pays their providers’ insurance premiums to be protected against traffic accidents. Yet when an accident does occur insurance companies work to their own interests and go as far as to oppose you in court with a personal injury lawsuit. Such lawsuits take time and could potentially slow down the claim settlement payout that you deserve.

After a truck accident, life can become more challenging especially since it’s already difficult to find the right personal injury lawyer even under calmer circumstances. When you’re in such a vulnerable state of mind, you may have trouble making the best decision for yourself. If you’re a city dweller, the resources surrounding you could feel so extensive that it’s burdensome to choose legal representation. However, suburban folks could see their claims be processed unfairly because of the lack of legal resources that they have access to in their area. There’s no doubt that a good truck accident lawyer is hard to find.

On average, the daily cost of a hospital stay is in the ballpark of $4,000, which makes medical bills a huge burden when you’ve been in a truck accident. If you don’t seek professional legal aid, you could be held responsible for medical bills and other expenses rather than having them handled by your insurance provider. Every insurance provider has its own agents, called adjusters, that work for them and pay out claims to their own advantage. Regardless of whether the at-fault is uninsured or undercovered by their policy, a personal injury attorney from your area can help you receive maximum compensation for your accident claim. By calling LegalFinders now, you’ll be connected to a law firm who can offer a free case evaluation.

LegalFinders specializes in connecting you with the best-in-class, top rated truck accident lawyers that service your area. The LegalFinders network has a wide array of highly rated attorneys and legal professionals in your area that can help if you’ve been the victim of a truck accident. All of the law firms that are a part of our network have been vetted and verified so you know that their services are top-quality and you will be offered the various options you may need. Call LegalFinders today and see how we can help you!


Colorado Vehicle Accidents Statistics

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, from 2020 to 2021 Colorado traffic fatalities have risen to a whopping 691, failing to meet their Safety Performance Target Assessment.

More Colorado Department of Transportation statistics have shown that most traffic accidents that occurred in the year 2021 were a result of impaired driving. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to an increase of drivers on the road who are driving at higher speeds than state limits. The road congestion combined with reckless driving make the chances of getting into a truck accident higher than ever.

You are not just a truck accident statistic. Make that clear to insurance providers. Contact LegalFinders today so you can immediately connect with the right attorney to handle your claim.


Most Dangerous Colorado Highways

Colorado is a state with many dangerous highways and roadways. According to national government data from 2019, one of the ten deadliest roads in the U.S. goes through Colorado. Interstate 70 runs through inclement weather in the form of sharp turns and inclines; in 2019, there were 158 deaths on the highway or a rate of 7.35 deaths for every 100 miles.

Fatal accidents in Colorado continue to rise each year. As a cause of the pandemic, more individual drivers are on the road than ever and many suspect that the resulting congestion is leading to the increase in accidents. Unfortunately insurance providers also know just how frequently truck accidents occur on highways so it’s best to call LegalFinders to connect you with a personal injury big rig attorney who knows how to guide you.

LegalFinders Alleviates The Stress Of Getting These Answers, And Others, By Doing The Search Work For You

Rest assured you’re in capable hands when LegalFinders puts you in touch with the best truck accident attorneys to represent you in your personal injury claim. If you have catastrophic injuries after a commercial truck accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

All of the lawyers in our network are from successful personal injury law firms. All big trucking companies have their own in-house counsel attorneys to help them handle claims. You need legal support to defend yourself too and help you settle your claim, an experienced lawyer that understands the suffering and damages that come with a truck accident. Make contact with LegalFinders and we can help you handle your truck accident case by recommending someone in our vast attorney network.

LegalFinders believes in the importance of the attorney-client relationship. When we help you find the right Colorado truck accident lawyer you will be defended and find your rights upheld, regardless of your level of fault in the situation. Your attorney will have intimate knowledge of the many common causes of accidents such as driver fatigue or an improperly secured vehicle.

Should you have the best insurance coverage or none at all, LegalFinders can help you with your legal needs by recommending the best in class accident attorneys in your part of Colorado. If you’re uninsured but were in a car or truck accident as a result of another’s negligence we can still help. LegalFinders will help you find the attorney you need if you just call today.


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