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Hiring a Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Your Area

Being the victim of a slip-and-fall accident at Burger King can lead to serious health problems and financial insecurity. The Burger King you had your accident at may be responsible for your injuries after your slip-and-fall and you may be entitled to compensation. If you want to recover your losses, make sure you save all documentation and retain an attorney.

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You can find Burger King almost anywhere in the US from west coast locations like San Diego and Los Angeles to the south like Florida state. As one of the most popular franchises nationwide, there are thousands of people and teams working to assemble and prepare meals. The tempo is quick at Burger King, with workers and employees passing through common areas. In some instances, the high-speed work can inadvertently lead to hazardous conditions such as when a drink is spilled or food is dropped. In addition to fallen food items, common cleaning routines like mopping floors can lead to danger for customers and result in a slip-and-fall accident at Burger King.

After your Burger King slip-and-fall accident, you may be rattled and unsure of how to move forward. Just as in the case of other accidents, you will need to file a claim with Burger King’s insurance company. Accident claims need to be settled directly with the insurance provider and include details of the slip-and-fall. While the claims process may seem routine, there are so many claims filed daily that insurance companies are inundated and may put your claim to the side for a long period of time before they address it. If there are too many claims, an insurance provider could take months or years to settle with you. Additionally, no one ever wants to pay out large sums of money, and insurance companies are no different; they will often minimize or deny your fair compensation.

If you want to shorten the time it takes for your claims process to move forward then it’s in your best interest to hire a personal injury attorney and avoid years of frustration. Regardless of how many claims insurance adjusters are dealing with, your voice and claim deserve attention and care. LegalFinders knows this and we leverage our extensive national network of legal professionals to recommend to you an attorney who knows just how to manage a case like yours. LegalFinders’ attorneys even offer free consultations and advice.
Where you fall is important in the case of liability. You could fall in your home or on the private, public, or commercial property of another. Falling at a Burger King usually makes them liable for your injuries.

From one state to another, land and property owners have different standards of care they are responsible to uphold but keeping customers safe from hazards is usually a part of those responsibilities. Burger King operators must maintain a bright-lit environment with stable flooring and high-visibility signs if there are any hazards present.

Due to laws related to premises liability and negligence any location that hasn’t been maintained in a safe way is the fault of the owner/operator and they are liable for accidents that occur there.

As a Burger King customer you are legally considered an “invitee,” and this applies especially if you experience a slip-and-fall accident during your visit. Anyone who visits a place of business to benefit the business is considered an invitee, such as a customer. The owner/operator has a responsibility to maintain and inspect their Burger King franchise and ensure any hazards are addressed. Once a dangerous condition has been identified, the owner/operator has to fix it within a reasonable timeframe and notify invitees to Burger King.

Were you the victim of a slip-and-fall injury at a Burger King location? You may be able to file for compensation if you were hurt due to negligence and a dangerous condition.


Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Burger King

Across the country, Burger King reigns supreme with various stores –this means that hazardous conditions can be present at any one of the franchises. You may harm yourself indoors or outdoors on the Burger King property. One of the most common ways that an invitee can harm themselves is when they are not notified that a floor has been recently mopped and get into a slip-and-fall accident.

Common reasons why accidents happen in Burger King include:

  • Walkways that have been blocked
  •  Loose flooring, such as tiles
  •  Possessions or store items that were placed on walkways
  • Misuse or lack of signage to alert customers to hazards in the Burger King
  •  Lack of ramps or handrails
  •  Wet floors, such as during rainy days, or as a result of mopping or spillage

When there is negligence and an accident occurs, the Burger King employees and/or owner/operator are liable. However in order to file and settle your claim, you must be able to prove that the employees or owner/operator were negligent such as with supporting documents like an incident report.


Potential Injuries You Can Sustain in a Slip and Fall Accident

The position in which you fell, what led to the fall, and the kind of flooring you were on when it occurred are all factors that can impact your injuries. If you were in a position that was close to the ground such as in a squat then you will likely hurt yourself less severely than if you were upright and slipped.

When you are in a slip-and-fall accident, you could sustain injuries such as:

  •  Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries or head injuries
  •  Concussions
  •  Broken bones
  •  Fractures
  •  Ankle or wrist sprains
  •  Pulled muscles
  •  Whiplash
  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Wrongful death

If you’ve sustained an injury like one of those listed above then you may qualify for compensation from Burger King. It’s best to retain an attorney immediately and file your claim right after the accident occurs.

Steps to Take After a Burger King Slip and Fall Accident

If you want to settle a slip-and-fall accident you have a better chance if you take certain precautions. To strengthen your claim, try the following:

  •  Contact emergency services: No matter how you feel after becoming the victim of an accident, you must seek medical attention. You have to be examined by a doctor or medical professional. By calling emergency services you are ensuring that your injuries will be assessed and documented immediately. Injuries sustained in an accident may take time to reveal themselves so getting examined is in your best interest. Post-accident injury documentation and bills related to your injuries should be kept and included in your claim.
  • Talk to witnesses: Anyone who has been a witness to your slip-and-fall accident may be able to help your claim by providing a witness statement with the specific details of the accident. Make sure that you get the witness’ full name, phone number, and place of residence. A witness statement can make all the difference in your settlement negotiations and strengthen your claim.
  •  Inform the Burger King manager:  If there has been an accident, the store manager has to be informed so that they can take safety precautions. The hazardous condition should be resolved or blocked off so that others do not harm themselves when visiting the premises. You should get Burger King’s insurance company’s contact information to file your claim.
  • Take pictures: Pictures show and tell what a report may fail to reveal. A photograph can emphasize certain important details such as the cause of the accident, the location, and the extent of your injuries immediately after being victimized. Photo documents may support your claim, so be sure to send them to the insurance provider after advising your attorney.

The manager and/or owner/operator has to be alerted to the injuries that you sustain at a Burger King franchise. It’s probable that the owner/operator will create an accident report and ask for your written statement with details of the hazard.

Do not ever admit responsibility or fault for the accident in your statement. However, an accident report is important because your statement is further evidence of your claim of a serious accident and documents it.


Reasons to Work With a Lawyer on Your Slip and Fall Case

Being represented in your case by a personal injury or accident attorney is advantageous to you for many reasons.

Some of the advantages of retaining a legal professional include:

  •  You will have less on your plate because settlement negotiations will be handled by your attorney. A lawyer will communicate directly with Burger King’s insurance company on your behalf
  • Your attorney will thoroughly review the details of your claim and present evidence that proves its value of it. They will demand fair compensation for your slip-and-fall accident and do everything in their power to get it.
  •  When it comes to settlement, insurance adjusters are inclined towards speaking with a lawyer so when you retain one you increase the likelihood of receiving fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Your slip-and-fall accident has likely caused a huge ripple effect on your life and the stress of handling it alone can be overwhelming, which is why it’s a good idea to hire an attorney to represent you. You may have been unable to work or apply for other positions due to your slip-and-fall injuries. If you lost work, you certainly lost wages, or you may have been terminated –particularly if you did not heal quickly enough for your employer’s liking. Some severe accidents can impair your entire quality of life especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a permanent physical condition like paralysis.


Proving Negligence in a Slip and Fall Case

There is a certain duty of care expected of property owners who invite, or host guests known to them, to their premises and this is considered “premise liability.” However, a trespasser generally is not owed a duty of care by the owner/operator if they’ve suffered an injury at a Burger King.

Demonstrating negligence on the owner/operator’s behalf is the crux of being able to receive a fair settlement from an insurance provider. Your lawyer will investigate the details of the claim to really prove evidence of how and when the owner/operator of Burger King was negligent and how it caused your injuries after the accident.
An attorney must prove:

  •  The hazardous condition at the Burger King
  • That the property owner had knowledge of the hazardous condition
  • Failure to repair or inform customers of the hazardous condition
  •  That your injuries were caused as a result of the hazardous condition

If your findings are sufficient after a lawyer’s review, then Burger King’s insurance provider will start your premises liability and/or personal injury claim.


Compensation Types You May Receive for Your Slip and Fall Accident

Once negligence is proven by your personal injury lawyer, then negotiations with Burger King’s insurance provider can begin. A reasonable claim amount is decided based on a thorough review of your claim documents such as medical records and bills. You may receive compensation in many forms such as:

  • Medical expense compensation
  •  Future medical needs covered
  •  Wage compensation to recover from an inability to work
  •  Pain & suffering or wrongful death compensation

Filing a claim for compensation should happen quickly, ideally immediately after a slip-and-fall injury. There is a specific timeframe within which a personal injury or accident lawsuit must be filed, which varies from place to place and is referred to as the statute of limitations.

Even from state to city to county to locality, statutes of limitations vary. If you’d like to know the answer to how much time you have to file your personal injury/accident claim then it’s best to speak to an attorney from your area who knows its legal codes.


How LegalFinders Can Work to Find You the Most Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Your Area

It’s important that the legal professionals you work with are resourceful and understand the local legal code so that they can handle the obstacles you may face while defending your suit. A good attorney will also have a connection to the local community due to their excellent reputation. If you need a specialized local attorney, call LegalFinders.

Due to the expansiveness of our attorney network, we at LegalFinders can assist slip-and-fall accident victims all over the nation including you. LegalFinders can quickly connect you to a local attorney who is familiar with the particulars of accident law and personal injury claims. We can also set you up with a free case consultation to figure out what steps to take in your lawsuit.

LegalFinders is devoted to connecting victims with the right attorneys to defend them and providing the highest quality of legal representation for fair compensation. The attorneys in our network have experience with Burger King lawsuits all over the nation.

If you take a severe enough tumble you could end up nursing serious or even permanent injuries which cause high medical expenses or disability. Some unlucky victims have also died as a result of their injuries. LegalFinders can recommend the right attorney if you slipped and were injured while at a local Burger King. Our lawyers will review and maintain all necessary documents to file your claim so that you can take your time to recoup while they fight for your fair compensation. Call LegalFinders for a free consultation that will help you better your understanding of the claims process and how to best defend yourself.


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Published: 2 March 2023