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Hiring a Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Your Area

When you become the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, you can see a great change in your health and financial security. Injuries you incur due to a slip-and-fall accident may entitle you to compensation, whether the accident occurred on public or private property like a local Starbucks. With the right slip-and-fall accident attorney and sufficient evidence, you can file a claim to recover your losses.

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Starbucks is possibly the most well-known coffee shop around the world, with locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, California, and throughout the state of Florida —just to name a few locales. Starbucks specializes in complex drinks with various baristas bustling around to make them. While the drinks may be good, the truth is that baristaing is a messy business and the liquids they use can end up causing accidents for employees and customers alike. Slip-and-falls commonly occur due to slippery surfaces, such as freshly mopped floors or spilled drinks. You could end up on the other end of an accident.

If you were hurt due to a slip-and-fall accident in Starbucks, you will surely be thinking about what comes next. Most situations will require you to file a claim directly with Starbucks’ insurance company. The insurance company will need to be advised about the accident so they can start a claim, if necessary. While this seems straightforward, insurance companies receive hundreds of complaints daily and yours may end up backlogged. If your claim is sidelined, it can take weeks or months to see your claim approved by an agent. It’s also common that insurance company adjusters look out for their own interests and minimize or outright deny your claim for fair compensation.

Any claims process is a long ordeal that can be dragged out for years so it’s in your best interest to find a good personal injury attorney to represent you and remind the insurance companies of your voice. The LegalFinders network is extensive, with legal professionals available nationally and we can help by referring you to an attorney that knows the details of your unique situation and can adequately defend you. The lawyers that LegalFinders can connect you with will schedule a free case consultation and offer their advice as to how to proceed with your claim.

Falls can happen anywhere, even in your home, but they are also common outside on someone else’s private, commercial or public property.

While it varies by state, land and property owners alike may have a responsibility to protect visitors or customers from hazardous conditions and harm. For example, a convenience store operator has a responsibility to maintain bright lighting, stable grounds, and high-visibility signs to warn customers of existing hazards.

If a premise is not safely maintained by its property owners, any visitors could hold them liable if they get into an accident on their property due to laws regarding negligence and premises liability.

If you’re the victim of a Starbucks slip-and-fall accident, you are legally considered an “invitee.” Invitees are those who visit a place of business for its benefit, such as a customer at a store. There is a high duty of care for invitees and that threshold is determined by local law. Owners are generally responsible for inspecting and maintaining their premises free of, hazardous conditions. Usually in the case that a hazardous condition has been identified, owners must fix them within a reasonable timeframe and advise invitees of the hazard.

If you’ve been the victim of a slip-and-fall accident at a Starbucks and have experienced injuries you could possibly file for compensation.


Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Starbucks

Since Starbucks is a chain with many locations, hazards can occur in various ways. Possible hazards could present themselves inside or outside of the Starbucks you visit. One such example of a hazardous situation is not alerting customers to a slippery floor that an employee just mopped and a customer slipping, falling and injuring themselves.

Common reasons why accidents happen in Starbucks include:

  •  Walkways that have been blocked
  •  Loose flooring, such as tiles
  • Possessions or store items that were placed on walkways
  •  Misuse or lack of signage to alert customers to hazards in the Starbucks
  •  Lack of ramps or handrails
  •  Wet floors, such as during rainy days, or as a result of mopping or spillage

If negligence occurs, the manager, Starbucks employees and/or the franchise owner is liable for your accident. But to file and win a fair settlement for your claim, you have to have evidence that proves the negligence of the employees or owner.


Potential Injuries You Can Sustain in a Slip and Fall Accident

Your injuries are affected by several factors, such as how you fell, in what position, what you fell on or over, and the flooring on which you injured yourself. If you were squatting or close to the ground when you fell, your injuries will likely be less severe than if you were walking and slipped.

Some potential injuries you can sustain in a slip and fall accident include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  •  Traumatic brain injuries or head injuries
  •  Concussions
  •  Broken bones
  •  Fractures
  • Ankle or wrist sprains
  •  Pulled muscles
  • Whiplash
  •  Bruises and laceration
  • Wrongful death

Injuries such as those listed may qualify you to file an insurance claim against Starbucks. When you’re hurt, it’s important that you immediately file your claim following the accident and of course, having a legal professional on your side is crucial.

Steps to Take After a Starbucks Slip and Fall Accident

You can increase your likelihood of settling a slip-and-fall claim satisfactorily by taking certain measures. Some measures include:

  •  Contact emergency services: If you think that you’ve been injured, then you need to be examined by a medical professional regardless of how well you may or may not feel. Emergency services will assess you physically and determine any injuries you may have sustained. If you don’t feel injured it is still your responsibility to seek medical assistance because your injuries may not present themselves immediately. After a fall you should keep all medical treatment documents and bills related to your injuries.
  •  Talk to witnesses: If someone was a witness to your accident ask them to share a written report with you that includes the specifics of the accident. It’s important to obtain contact information including the witness’ full name, phone number, and place of residence. A witness statement can make a big difference in your case and should be submitted with your claim to support the facts of the accident.
  •  Inform the Starbucks manager: The store manager should be alerted when an accident occurs so they can take proper safety precautions. They will rectify the dangerous area or close it off to make sure future customers do not injure themselves. It is best to advise the manager that you will be filing a claim so that they can share the insurance company’s contact information.
  • Take pictures: Photographs that underscore the cause of the accident, the location of the accident, and what injuries you sustained can help show your claim. Send pictures to support your claim.

If you’ve sustained an injury at a Starbucks, the manager and/or owner must be informed. When they are notified, they will likely approach you to create an accident report with details of the incident, including your statement.

In your statement, do not declare any fault for the accident. When you file an accident report statement you are ensuring there is evidence that this was a serious accident and you began the proper steps to help document it.


Reasons to Work With a Lawyer on Your Slip and Fall Case

Retaining a personal injury or accident attorney to fight for your case has many advantages. The most important reasons to work with a legal professional include:

  •  You will have someone negotiating directly with companies on your behalf, which can reduce an already highly stressful situation. A legal professional will oversee settlement negotiations.
  • Your attorney will conduct an investigation to prove your case so that you will receive compensation for your slip-and-fall accident.
  •  Having a lawyer means a greater chance of fair compensation for your pain and suffering because your lawyer will make every effort to win your case.

The best reason to work with an attorney is just to consider the ways that your slip-and-fall injuries have affected other parts of your life. You may have been unable to work after your fall-related injury. You may have lost wages or employment, especially if you were or have been unable to recover from your injury within the time period they demanded. A very severe fall injury could impair you and your way of life, or lead to permanent physical conditions such as paralysis.


Proving Negligence in a Slip and Fall Case

In premise liability cases, property owners have a duty of care that usually extends to invited individuals or those known to them. Trespassers that suffer injuries generally do not fall under a property owner’s duty of care.

In order to win an insurance company settlement you have to prove negligence. By completing a thorough investigation, your attorney can demonstrate the negligence that occurred in your accident. Lawyers are required to prove:

  •  The hazardous condition at the Starbucks
  • That the property owner had knowledge of the hazardous condition
  •  Failure to repair or inform customers of the hazardous condition
  •  That your injuries were caused as a result of the hazardous condition

The insurance company will begin a premises liability or personal injury claim based on your attorney’s findings.


Compensation Types You May Receive for Your Slip and Fall Accident

Once you have proven negligence, negotiations between your attorney and the insurance company will begin. Your attorney will review the documentation and medical records in your claim and listen to your experience to decide how much to ask insurance companies for. You may receive one of many kinds of compensation, such as:

  •  Medical expense compensation
  • Future medical needs covered
  • Wage compensation to recover from an inability to work
  • Pain & suffering or wrongful death compensation

But if you’re looking to take legal recourse for a slip-and-fall accident then you need to do so quickly. Each state in the US has a timeframe to file for compensation as the victim of an accident which is known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations can also vary from city to county to locality. If you need to know the precise amount of time you have to file a case, it’s best to speak with a local attorney who has niche insight.


How LegalFinders Can Work to Find You the Most Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Your Area

Your legal team should be equipped to handle all the obstacles in your way with their skill set and resourcefulness. The best legal representation is also well-connected, with a stellar reputation in the community. You can find specialized attorneys in your area quickly if you just give LegalFinders a call.

Thanks to our network of experienced legal professionals LegalFinders helps slip-and-fall accident victims nationwide. If you need a local attorney who is familiar with navigating the details of cases like yours, LegalFinders can get you connected. We’ll even provide you with a free case consultation to determine the next steps of your case.

We have been responsible for connecting many to attorneys who fight for their best interests and secure fair settlements. Our attorneys have a great breadth of experience with Starbucks slip-and-fall cases and work nationwide.

A slip and fall can cause permanent or serious injuries leading to high medical costs, disability, or death. If you or a loved one’s fall on a property was caused by someone’s negligence and failure to maintain safe conditions, LegalFinders can provide you access to the right lawyer. Our attorneys will begin filing your claim and gathering documents that support it so you can receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. When you contact Legal Finders, your free consultation is guaranteed to help you find the right legal representation that understands the details of your accident and just how to represent your interests.


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Published: 2 March 2023


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