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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Nevada

You may have many questions when you are involved in a car wreck, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by car accident victims in the state of Nevada.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident? What Now?

Immediate medical attention is necessary if you’ve been in a car crash. Since many injuries take time to reveal themselves, even if you’re unsure if you’ve been injured seek medical attention. Do not move from the scene of the accident and make sure to take photos of it and your injuries that have presented themselves immediately. If you are injured to the point of being unable to take the photos, have a loved one do so for you. Any medical reports you receive should be kept safely for documentation.

No matter how you feel or the extent of the damage it is important to call your insurance provider and file your motor vehicle accident claim.

Immediately after you should contact a legal service like legal finders to support you for a maximum payout. They will assist you in uncovering what legal recourse you have after a car crash or personal injury.

Just because the other driver did not have insurance doesn’t mean that insurance companies should benefit and take advantage of your rights. Don’t just walk away from the situation, call LegalFinders and a team from a highly approved law firm will review your case and potentially walk you through filing a claim.

When you are ready to speak with a personal injury attorney it’s imperative that you keep all your documents and notes together for them to dissect. An insurance claim is more likely to be paid out to the maximum amount if you have documentation and evidence to corroborate your injuries. Essentially you will receive a better settlement offer as long as you keep your medical reports and expenses. Papers such as police reports, testimonials, photos, medical records and other related items should be maintained.

What Is A Personal Injury?

Any injury to you as a person during an accident is considered a personal injury under the law. Car crashes are a common cause of personal injuries. Personal injuries aren’t just painful, they can be very costly. Missed time from work is missed wages and even without short-term disability insurance it may become difficult to make ends meet. Medical bills are a large part of the cost in your personal injury claim.

The CDC has reported that non-fatal injuries from auto vehicles cost the US $456 billion annually. A personal injury almost always incurs financial losses. Discuss your losses with your insurance provider and claim expenses sustained from the accident such as medical bills and lost wages.

Insurance companies are out for themselves and work with adjusters to pay the least amount they can to your claim’s settlement.

Should your claims fail to cover all your expenses, LegalFinders will help you find a personal injury attorney who negotiates a higher settlement amount on your behalf.

What Are Some Common Personal Injuries After A Car Accident?

Personal injuries can vary based on the accident’s details. Some common personal injuries are:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Sprained muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Spinal cord injury and whiplash
  • Mental anguish, PTSD and distress
What If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

After a car crash, your first priority should be to receive medical attention. Even if you feel “fine” there may be internal injuries that take a while to present themselves.

Daily movements can agitate injuries, even simple sitting and standing at work. Chronic pain and invisible injury are uncomfortable to live after an insurance company pays you insufficiently or not at all.

Document all injuries and be sure to get examined by a doctor immediately.

Further doctors visits, bills and any reports or notes should also be provided to your insurance.

How Do I Know Who Is At-Fault?

Fault laws are governed by the state. Some states are no-fault, where insurance companies will provide coverage despite whoever is the at-fault party. They will collaborate to pay out claims. This does not mean that you can’t file a claim in a no-fault state.

The state of Nevada is a tort state which means the driver that caused the auto accident is responsible for paying the medical expenses of the injured motorists. To reach an attorney in your area who can assist with your claim, LegalFinders is the way to go.

What If I’m Partly At-Fault?

Sometimes people make mistakes and you will cause an accident. It could be being blindsided when parallel parking or unaware of a driver who ran a red light. Circumstance would still make you at fault. Accident law is technical so an attorney is important to filing your claim.

Nevada is an at-fault state which means that the insurance company of the party responsible for damage/injury must pay out claims.

In a no-fault state, all parties may receive some minimum amount for medical expenses as per their insurance policies.

What If I Live In A No-Fault State?

In a no-fault state, claims are paid out by all parties’ insurance providers so the claims process may be drawn out. It also means that any accident you are involved in increases your insurance rate. This doesn’t prohibit you from the filing of a claim for personal injury.

Nevada is an at-fault state which means that the insurance provider for the party that caused the accident is responsible for repayment.

When Do I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident you should call an attorney immediately.

With the accident’s trauma, looking for an attorney is the last thing you want to do. LegalFinders recommends attorneys that protect your rights.

If you don’t contact a lawyer you can find out from your insurance company that your claim was unpaid or minimal.

Often settlements won’t cover your expenses so LegalFinders recommends the best personal injury attorneys. Don’t let the statute of limitations on your case run out, call LegalFinders.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Personal Injury?

The statute of limitations in personal injury is the time you have to make a claim from the date of the accident. States vary as to time based on details of the accident and jurisdiction. Most statutes of limitations are between 1-6 years. The involvement of a minor or other specific factors can cause the state to extend statutes of limitations.

In Nevada, there is a 2 year statute of limitations (§11.190-(4)(c)) for any injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident and a 3 year statute of limitations for vehicle/property damage (§11.190-(3)(c)).

The clock begins to countdown the minute after your accident occurs as the statute of limitations begins. You need to protect yourself with a civil suit immediately. After an accident, contacting an attorney who knows what they’re doing is crucial.

How Do I Choose A Personal Injury Attorney?

Choose a personal injury attorney with experience. Do research on the history of the firm you want to work with and see if they have a successful record. Many different details are involved in a state’s accident laws including parties at fault, location and type of motor vehicle involved. Moving forward with a claim is influenced by these details. Finding a personal injury attorney in your area is urgent because they know the specificities of local and state laws.

Find a local lawyer experienced in the niche of personal injury law. LegalFinders does the research that you may not have the time to do after an accident. We vet car crash attorneys and make sure that they are seasoned and capable of handling your claim; this raises your chance of success for a higher claim settlement. Let choosing an attorney be easy for you. When LegalFinders connects you with a lawyer you have one less problem to solve.

Have you suffered a car accident and need to reach a Nevada top-rated car accident lawyer near you? A local attorney in Nevada with experience dealing with insurance companies who knows how to navigate personal injury claims can be hard to come by. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of searching high and low for an attorney, LegalFinders can help you. Have you lost wages and are struggling with pain and suffering? Keep reading for a free consultation from some of Nevada’s best car accident attorneys.

Offering The Best Car Accident Attorney Consultations In Nevada

According to the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety there were 302 fatal auto accidents in the state of Nevada in 2019. In more recent years, Nevada reported that there were 349 lives lost due to auto accidents in 2021.

Since so many cars are now on the road and so many more auto vehicle accidents are occurring, insurance companies are on the defensive and protecting their own interests. Your claim could be a part of the backlog of personal injury cases that your insurance provider has and it would impact your payout.

Urban areas have more people living in them per square foot and so many firms choose them to be near higher rates of accidents. The sheer amount of personal injury firms and attorneys in a metropolitan city could be overwhelming. In a suburban area, you may find that your options are few and unknown. Finding the right attorney is crucial to your personal injury claim compensation.

The gritty research of connecting with a superior attorney is performed for you by LegalFinders. With our wide arm of a network, we know who the best personal injury attorneys are in your area and can deliver them to you. All you have to do is call us today!

Has a motor accident caused you serious injuries, lost wages, and burdensome medical expenses? Was your loved one the victim of a wrongful death? File a claim today.

Otherwise, not only would you be dealing with grief but also medical bills and other expenses. Insurance adjusters work in teams to negotiate lower payouts in favor of their company. To receive the maximum compensation available for your suit, you need a personal injury lawyer in your corner for your case. Don’t let factors like another driver with no-insurance or low coverage stop you from a decent settlement.

Call LegalFinders or fill out a contact form today so we can recommend the best law firm for a case evaluation, free of charge.

Reach out to LegalFinders and be connected with a knowledgeable, in-network lawyer with years of experience in auto vehicle and personal injury claims. If it’s you or a loved one, call LegalFinders and we will find a lawyer together who will fight for your right to fair compensation after an accident.

Nevada Car Crash Statistics

The state of Nevada has put in safety measures to minimize the occurrences of auto accidents. The program emphasizes the need for safe driving. The statistics reported through the  Nevada Zero Fatalities program make it clear that safety is vital on the roadways. From Las Vegas, NV to wherever you drive in the state, if you’ve been in an auto accident in Nevada and needed medical care, you are not alone:


28x more likely

to be in an auto accident

Pedestrians fatalities


when they are not in a crosswalk

Leading causes of car accidents

impaired driving and speeding

President of the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety Cathy Chase has stated that the US is experiencing a surge of motor vehicle crash fatalities, “…the highest our nation has experienced since 2007, surpassing the high level set in 2020.” Nevada is not immune to the rise in auto accidents seen nationwide.

The pandemic has had a positive correlation with the number of highway drivers. These aggressive statistics are the result of more daily accidents.

You’re more than an auto vehicle statistic! LegalFinders can help you handle your personal injury claim by recommending the attorney best suited to you.

Most Dangerous Nevada Highways

There are dangerous highways throughout the country, but here are the top 6 roads that are considered dangerous in the state of Nevada.

I-15 which connects the roads from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
Highway 93 that borders Nevada and Arizona
Las Vegas Blvd.
State Road 582
Highway 50
Route 431

Connect With The Best Car Accident Attorneys Serving Nevada

Legal finders is the best service to get you in contact with a successful and experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney or any auto accident attorney in the state of Nevada who can offer you legal advice for your car accident claim.

Your legal needs will be completely fulfilled through our network of automobile accident attorneys and injury law firms, no matter what kind of policy or provider you may have. If another party’s negligence, like distracted driving or drunk driving, caused your Nevada car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident and you don’t have insurance, but you have car accident injuries, you may still be entitled to compensation. We can help you connect with an auto accident lawyer who will take your legal representation seriously. Fill out the form today.


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