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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Rhode Island

You may have many questions when you are involved in a car wreck, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by car accident victims in the state of Rhode Island.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident? What Now?

Get medical attention if you’ve been in a car accident no matter what the extent of the injuries seem like at the moment. Injuries that seem small at first may turn out to be big. If you can, make sure you or a loved one takes photos of the scene of the accident. If you are taken to a nearby hospital, then they can take the pictures for you.

You then need to contact your insurance provider to file your car accident claim –even if you do not experience a personal injury. Reach out to LegalFinders and we will recommend an experienced car crash lawyer who can determine your legal options. No uninsured motorist can steal away your rights. If you want to be connected with a legal team from an esteemed law firm for a case review, call LegalFinders today.

Documents you should have ready for your attorney consultation if you’ve been in an auto accident and received medical treatment include medical records, testimonials, photos, police reports, and other documents. These documents all strengthen your car accident claim and may lead to a better settlement offer.

What Is A Personal Injury?

If you are hurt in an accident and suffered an injury to your person then you have experienced a personal injury. Car accidents are usually the cause of personal injuries. When you are a victim of a car accident it is common to suffer through expensive medical bills to treat your injuries as well as loss of time from work, and perhaps living without short term disability coverage.

In Rhode Island, the economic loss associated with traffic crash deaths cost the state $91 million as recently as 2018. It is a reality for many victims that suffering a personal injury can cost you. it is more than likely necessary to claim medical bills and other related expenses with your insurance provider. Unfortunately with the high volume of accidents, insurance companies must play to their interests and use their adjusters to approve minimal claim payouts.

A personal injury accident lawyer is the answer if your problem is an underpaid claim that will not cover the cost of your expenses.

What Are Some Common Personal Injuries After A Car Accident?

A personal injury can result in all kinds of pain. Some common personal injuries include the following list:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Sprained muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Spinal cord injury and whiplash
  • Mental anguish, PTSD and distress
What If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

If you feel fine after an accident you still need to seek medical attention. Some injuries are not immediately noticeable and can take time to reveal themselves. Irritants can include things as simple as daily movements like sitting and standing for work. It is not acceptable to live with chronic pain or invisible injury because of an insurance provider who simply will not provide.

Documenting your injuries is simple if you just get examined by a doctor immediately. Any other follow up trips for treatment of your injuries should be accounted for with documentation and you should keep your bills to include with your insurance claim.

How Do I Know Who Is At-Fault?

There is no simple answer as fault laws vary from state to state. In Florida and Texas, there is no-fault assigned to any parties in an accident as it is a no-fault state. The accident is not defined by the at-fault party and insurance providers pay out claims jointly.

Rhode Island is an at-fault state which follows the “pure comparative fault” rule where financial recovery can still be awarded even if the claimant was mostly responsible for the car crash.

Regardless of if you live in an a-fault or no-fault state, you can almost always file a personal injury claim so find out your options by connecting with one of LegalFinders lawyers who are experienced with your area and have a history of success.

What If I’m Partly At-Fault?

If you are in an at-fault state sometimes you will get into situations where the circumstances make you at-fault for an accident. For example, let us say that another motorist drove through a red light and crashed into you because you didn’t see them blowing through it. Car accident law is a very confusing topic so it is better to navigate its nuances with a good personal injury accident attorney who is experienced and familiar with your area’s rules.

What If I Live In A No-Fault State?

In a no-fault state, your insurance provider will pool its resources with the other parties’ insurance providers to offer you compensation for your claim. However, due to the insurance companies working together, there is a large backlog of personal injury cases that extend the process and increase your insurance premiums whenever you are in an accident. None of this necessarily stops you from filing an insurance claim in a no-fault state.

Did your insurance company deny your claim outright or offer you a ridiculously low pay out? Speaking with an attorney such as one in LegalFinders’ network is necessary. We can and will connect you to attorneys that have an intimate understanding of personal injury accident law and can handle your claim so call LegalFinders today.

When Do I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident?

Speaking to a personal injury attorney immediately after a car accident is the wisest move that you can make. You can also contact a recommendation service such as LegalFinders and we will help you satisfy your legal needs with one of our local premier car crash lawyers.

If you wait to be notified by your insurance company you are probably going to end up with an underpaid or denied claim. You need a settlement that will provide coverage for your medical bills, property damage, and other recoverables so you need a personal injury attorney like the professional, vetted attorneys that LegalFinders provides. do not get smacked in the face with your medical bills because an insurance company doesn’t want to properly compensate you. there is a statute of limitations on your claim filing so call LegalFinders today.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Personal Injury?

In personal injury, the statute of limitations is the period of time from the accident that you have to file a claim. This time period varies by state. Variations in the statute of limitations for each state vary from 1-6 years and can change according to different circumstances. If a minor is involved in a car accident claim, the statute of limitations could be extended, for example.

In Rhode Island, the statute of limitations is 3 years for filling most car accident claims and 10 years for most vehicle or or other property damage caused by a car accident claim.

There’s a time crunch from the moment you are involved in an accident on the statute of limitations to file a civil suit and protect yourself. it is urgent that you connect with a personal injury accident lawyer immediately after an accident.

How Do I Choose A Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are choosing a personal injury lawyer then you need one who has experience with cases like yours. Your law firm selection should rely on successful cases. Certain stipulations such as the automotive vehicle involved, location, and fault change how one should go about a personal injury claim. Find an attorney who lives and works near you.

It’s vital to your claim to have an attorney who is experienced and familiar with your area. We have a screening process to ensure that our car accident attorney network is filled with lawyers who have experience with personal injury claims. The process of finding a personal injury attorney is made easy by LegalFinders. You do not have to worry about legal representation with the accident still on your mind.

Top-rated car accident attorneys near you with a long history of successful cases are easy to reach with LegalFinders. If you have been in a car accident and are in need of a lawyer from your area to handle your personal injury claim and insurance provider then we’ve got your back. If you are struggling with pain and suffering and lost wages after an accident, contact us and we will connect you with the best local lawyers for a free consultation.

Offering The Best Car Accident Attorney Referrals In Rhode Island

Rhode Island experienced a total of 57 fatalities in 2019. National travel in 2020 decreased 13% though fatal car accidents increased according to the Federal Highway Association (FHWA). With more accidents on the road than ever, your chances of a serious injury are high.

Accidents continue to occur annually so insurance companies play things close to their vests and try to pay out claims minimally. There is a huge backlog of personal injury claims like yours that slow processing time and negatively impact your pay out.

Annually, personal injury firms continue to move into urbanized areas because they are attracted to the high rate of accidents and suits subsequently filed. If you are a resident of an urban area you know finding a personal injury attorney could be an overwhelming task. If you reside in a more quiet, residential part of Rhode Island, finding an attorney who offers the correct services for you may be a difficult undertaking.

There are a number of best-in-class car accident attorneys that service your area and LegalFinders can help you connect with each and every one of them. Leveraging our legal professional network to your benefit is what we at LegalFinders do best and we will make sure you receive the personal injury services you need when you contact us. There is not much more to lose if you’ve been in a car accident that resulted in medical expenses, lost wages, serious injuries or experienced a wrongful death.

Do not get stuck with medical bills and other expenses because you did nothing. Insurance adjusters work to ensure your insurance claim is paid out to the benefit of their employers, your insurance provider. The at-fault party to your accident may have a low insurance policy or no coverage at all but with the right personal injury lawyer from your area you may receive maximum compensation for your claim. Call LegalFinders’ phone number or submit a contact form and we will connect you with a professional law firm that can conduct a free case evaluation.

It is free to reach out to LegalFinders and be recommended to an attorney from our networks who consistently handles automobile accident claims such as yours. If you want an attorney who understands how to get fair compensation for your car wreck claim after you or a loved one are a victim of a car accident, reach out to LegalFinders and we will connect you to one.

Rhode Island Car Crash Statistics

The United States Department of Transportation released findings that show how traffic fatalities rose in 2020. Rhode Island’s fatality numbers, as reported by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, are as follows:

Fatal Crashes




Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMTs)


Pedestrian Fatalities


4.8% increase from 2019

A change in demographics is suggested by the numbers. Urban communities saw a sharp increase in the rate of fatal accidents. Many serious accidents were caused as a result of driving at night or on a weekend in 2020. Conversely, the elderly were significantly less affected by car accident fatalities throughout the year.

The collected data is exhibitive of inequities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain members of society, such as the elderly, would likely be homebound to avoid the virus whereas in underprivileged urban areas many still drive out of necessity to commute to work so fatal automotive crashes were more likely.

This year’s car accident statistics shouldn’t include you. Get connected with an attorney capable of handling your personal injury claim by contacting LegalFinders today.

Most Dangerous Rhode Island Roadways

Here are Rhode Island‘s most dangerous roadways according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System and GoLocalProv (2015-2017):

Roadways Accident Statistics
I-295 South 7 fatalities
I-95 South 6 fatalities
Route 44 4 fatalities
Intersection I-95 Exit 29 in Pawtucket (U.S. 1/Broadway/Cottage Street) 2 fatalities, 191 crashes, 55 injuries
I-95 at Exit 22 2 fatalities, 347 crashes, and 54 injuries
I-95 Exit 18 in Providence (Thurbers Avenue) 1 fatality, 296 crashes, 79 injuries
Intersection I-295 (I-95 spur) Exit 6 in Johnston (U.S. 6/U.S. 6A) 179 crashes, 1 fatality and 54 injuries.
I-95 Exit 14 and 15 in Warwick (R.I. 37 and Jefferson Boulevard) 1 fatality, 181 crashes,  and 50 injuries.
Intersection Route 6 and 10 152 crashes, 79 injuries
Intersection I-95 at Exit 25 122 crashes, 53 injuries


LegalFinders Alleviates The Stress Of Getting These Answers, And Others, By Doing The Search Work For You

If you want to make sure that you’re put in touch with good, capable hands to handle your personal injury claim then call LegalFinders and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. From Cranston to Woonsocket, whether your collision occurred on highways or back roads, your financial compensation earning capacity is increased when you partner with a Rhode Island car accident attorney that knows your area.

If you are concerned about who your insurance provider is or your level of coverage, you shouldn’t be because LegalFinders will support you in your legal needs regardless through our network of screened, experienced lawyers. If you don’t have insurance but were affected by another at-fault party and became a victim of a car accident then LegalFinders will help you sort out your situation by finding you an attorney.


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