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Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Wyoming

You may have many questions when you are involved in a motorcycle crash, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by motorcycle accident victims in the state of Wyoming.

I Was in a Motorcycle Accident. What Are My Next Steps?

You need to call the police immediately following a motorcycle crash. Police will arrive at the scene, determine the circumstances of the accident, and write a detailed report stating the at-fault party. There are also some situations in which no one party is at fault, such as in the case of inclement weather conditions or an animal popping up on the road.

While the police are conducting their assessment, you need to receive medical treatment. Officers will often ensure that emergency medical services are at the scene to evaluate all involved parties to the accident and check for any injuries.Injuries such as whiplash could take a longer time to reveal themselves after an accident due to the adrenaline running through the body that causes shock. Shock makes assessing your injuries yourself impossible and dangerous. Head injuries are a major concern when it comes to motorcycle accidents and very common. A medical professional is necessary to evaluate you before you find out too late the extent of an injury’s severity and have to live with prolonged pain and other complications.Receiving medical treatment is also advantageous to your claim because your insurance company has proof that the injuries are from the accident. Insurance companies will often rely on provider’s records to determine the amount they are willing to settle the suit for.

Make sure your claim involves the information of all parties’ vehicles as that information is vital to your claim. It is also important to contact any related insurance companies that may need to get involved when you or a loved one have experienced a motorcycle accident/crash, and to do so right away. In addition to car insurance, if your claim involves a physical injury you may need to reach out to your medical insurance. If you are a victim of a motorcycle crash, don’t let an uninsured, irresponsible driver distract you from your right to seek legal consultation. Call LegalFinders today and we’ll connect you with a legal team in our network to conduct a case review.

Please note: For your consultation to be the most effective, it will be important to have all records related to your claim handy. These documents could include the medical records of the claimant, police reports describing any related incident, testimonials, photos and more. The more documentation you have, the more legally sound your claim will become, leading to a better settlement offer.

How Can I Protect Myself from Becoming Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash?

To protect yourself from anything, first you have to learn prevention. Take the time to understand basic safety measures while driving and advocate to loved ones that they learn too. Some safety protocols that can help when riding a motorcycle are listed below:

  • Wear a Helmet: Helmets save lives. According to the CDC, in 2016 there were 1,859 people who survived motorcycle accidents as a result of wearing their helmets. This number could have been increased by 800 had other motorcyclists also worn protection. Head trauma, injury and sometimes even death can be avoided with such a simple solution.
  • Wear Bright Colors or Reflective Clothing: If a driver is unable to see you, the likelihood of getting hit is raised. Bikers should aim to wear reflective and bright clothing, as well as including reflective features on their motorcycles to increase their visibility.
  • Don’t Ride or Drive Drunk: Out of 100 motorcycle related wrongful death cases, 40 will be caused by intoxication. Don’t risk your life and the lives of others: don’t get behind the wheel if you’re drunk.
  • Don’t Ride in Inclement Weather: Harsh weather conditions are when it’s time to reconsider biking for the day. Rain, snow, and other extreme weather can result in a quick trip becoming a serious personal injury.
  • Brush Up On Safety Protocols: You need to take driving safety courses every so often to renew your knowledge, regardless of your age or level of experience to protect everyone around you as well as yourself.
What Is the Statute of Limitations in Wyoming?

Throughout the US, statutes of limitations vary greatly by state. In some states, you have a great number of years to file a motor vehicle claim, while in others, you have much less time to settle your claim.

In Wyoming there is no statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions. In other words, you can be prosecuted at any time for committing any crime, no matter how far back it was. However civil lawsuits for personal injury and property damage are each limited to 4 years. LegalFinders works to pair you with local law firms in your area with reputable lawyers offering expertise in your area’s specific statute of limitations.

Our networks of esteemed professionals are familiar with local statutes of limitations for various types of claims and know how to optimize your chances of reaching a satisfactory settlement. LegalFinders is dedicated to connecting you to the best lawyers and law firms in your local area. Do not allow your tragedy to remain just a statistic, take control and seek the legal advice entitled to you. It all begins with a consultation, and LegalFinders is happy to provide our consultation services for free.

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury?

An injury sustained at the time of an automotive or motorcycle accident can be considered a personal injury. Your injuries can be severe or minor but all are considered personal injuries under the law. Some injuries will not present themselves immediately after a motorcycle crash so it’s crucial to be immediately examined by a medical professional before you exacerbate an ailment you didn’t realize that you had. Severe injuries suffered can incur significant medical expenses and alter your life by causing you long term pain and suffering or in some cases wrongful death. If you’ve sustained a personal injury due to a motorcycle or automotive accident, you need to seek legal advice from a professional.

What Are Some Common Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Accidents?

After a motorcycle accident, everyone suffers differently and may experience a range of different personal injuries. Some of the serious injuries motorcyclists may endure from an accident include:

  • Disfigurement: Disfigurement includes any injury that causes permanent, noticeable damage to a victim’s appearance. This can include scarring, burning, lost limbs or amputation, and any other injuries that impact how a victim looks and presents themselves to the world.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: These injuries are extremely serious, and can lead to death as they can lead to further neurological issues.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain swelling, Subdural Hematoma and many other traumatic brain injuries can be caused by being thrown from the motorcycle, with or without a helmet. Wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of these injuries having long term impacts.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures: While more mild than other injuries, broken bones can still force victims to miss wages and can rack up hefty medical expenses.
  • Wrongful Death: Many motorcycle accidents unfortunately result in death, which is why it’s so important to be aware of bikers who may be lane-splitting, and to share the road.
Is Wyoming an At-Fault State?

Wyoming is a “tort” or “at-fault” state. In a tort state, at-fault parties are responsible for the repayment of the victim’s damages including loss of property, pain and suffering, and more through their insurance provider. Due to the principle of comparative negligence, fault can be assigned by the percentage that each party was responsible. However much you were deemed responsible for the accident will reduce how much compensation can be afforded to you in damages.

How Do I Find a Personal Injury Attorney?

At your worst moments, you need the best advice, and you will receive that from
experienced lawyers with proven track records. Any personal injury attorney that you retain for your motorcycle accident suit should have seen consistent success with their cases.

You can find a motorcycle accident lawyer by contacting LegalFinders and make your life easy. You could also do the hours of work required to seek out a reputable attorney on your own. Regardless of your decision making plan, you need a Wyoming lawyer who is well-versed in the niche of motorcycle, transit, and personal injury law. Unfortunately, it can often be overwhelming to find the right legal representation for you. Luckily enough LegalFinders is the direct connection to a reputable personal injury attorney who will be able to help you navigate every step through your claim process so you can focus on healing.

Do you live in Wyoming and struggle to navigate or describe your hardship to insurance companies after experiencing a motorcycle accident? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. We encourage you not to hesitate in reaching out to our experts. Given everything you have been through in regards to the accident, LegalFinders is glad to offer a free consultation so that you can speak to our determined legal professionals. Fill out our form to connect with the best motorcyclist attorneys.

Offers the Most Reliable Motorcycle Accident Attorney Network in the State of Wyoming

When considering whether or not to file, remember that motorcycle accident claims are not unusual. Throughout the entirety of Wyoming, there are several instances of families asking for financial settlements to ease the burden of motorcycle-related accidents, and settlement potential for many of the cases are substantial. Don’t miss out on potentially life-changing settlements, reach out to LegalFinders to arrange your free consultation.

Although Wyoming’s smaller population makes motorcycle accident occurrences less frequent, they still happen and are just as tragic as the accidents in other states. In July 2021 two Missouri motorcyclists, a married couple, were killed in an accident outside Dayton in Sheridan County, Wyoming after they both were hit by a 2007 Ford Crown Vic.While both motorcyclists were fatally wounded, the driver and passengers in the car that was involved survived their injuries.

Similar situations could definitely warrant a significant lawsuit. One potential avenue of claims for this type of case could involve wrongful death claims, which are common in cases where motorcyclists are fatally wounded by accidents involving bigger vehicles. If you have experienced any type of accident similar to the one in Sheridan County, consider contacting LegalFinders to connect with a law office that can help you. After experiencing this type of tragedy, it is important to not underestimate the value of contacting legal professionals to evaluate your options.

If you would like to learn more about wrongful death claims and are interested to see if a claim you are interested in filing may classify as a wrongful death, utilize the free consultation services with LegalFinders. We are determined to connect you to only the best law firms with the necessary expertise to assure your claim and potential settlements are successful.

LegalFinders is here to point you in the right direction with a caring hand, whether it be toward lawyers with expertise in personal injury, wrongful death or several other types of claims. We have well developed connections with several different law firms in your area who want to assure you receive only the best legal advice. If you’re wondering whether or not to file a claim, it wouldn’t hurt to schedule your free consultation today!

We can connect you with lawyers who specialize in negotiating settlements that favor clients impacted by motorcycle accidents. We pride ourselves in cultivating the most effective and beneficial attorney-client relationships. Our legal experts understand they can’t change the tragedy behind your claim, but they certainly are able to assist you through it by helping you achieve considerable financial relief. Allow LegalFinders to assist you in getting the relief you deserve.


Wyoming Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

In 2021, a series of three accidents in Wyoming occurred over the course of four days from late August to early September. Of the accidents reported, two involved motorcyclist victims, one was fatally injured while another managed to survive their accident. The surviving victim’s accident involved only their motorcycle, while the fatally injured victim’s accident involved another vehicle. The report did not mention any other fatalities, indicating the occupants of the other vehicle survived.

Clearly, driving motorcycles is more dangerous than driving in enclosed cars and trucks. LegalFinders understands this, as does our legal network of experienced legal professionals. Know that our team takes every consultation seriously, and we want to help ease the burden on you when you come to us.

If you have experienced any type of motor vehicle accident, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule your free consultation with LegalFinders. Below are more in-depth statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety regarding Wyoming’s specific statistics when it comes to motor vehicle accidents:

  • In 2019, the fatality rate of motor vehicle accidents per 100,000 people ranged from 3.3 in the District of Columbia to 25.4 in Wyoming
  • When compared to the rest of the country, Wyoming’s fatality rate per every 100,000 people was the highest in the country
  • Motorcyclist deaths in Wyoming in 2019 amounted to 10% of all motor vehicle deaths in the state
  • Wyoming’s large truck crashes, pedestrian accidents and bicyclist collisions combined amounted to 6% of all fatalities, less than the number of motorcycle deaths
  • Between 2017 and 2019, there were 325 fatal accidents in Wyoming and 100 involved drunk driving
  • Speeding led to 105 or 32% of fatal accidents in Wyoming between 2017 and 2019
  • 12.3% of all deadly crashes within three years (2017-2019) occurred in June

It’s not easy to say how many families of those lost to motor vehicle accidents seek legal consultation, but it is clear that doing so is the best option. At LegalFinders we know no dollar amount can fix the loss of life or the true cost of injury, but it can certainly help ease the burden placed on individuals who experience the tragedy and its aftermath.


Most Dangerous Wyoming Roadways

Wyoming is an adventurous place known for its horseback and bull riding rodeos. That adventure seeking behavior seems to have spilled over and influenced the danger of the roads. Many studies have been conducted which show that Wyoming is very dangerous to drive through and only four other states (Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, and South Carolina) see more fatalities and accidents annually despite its few urban areas.

With larger rural areas, it’s been noted that drivers are more likely to choose to drive when under the influence of intoxicants like drugs and alcohol often due to a lack of accessible public transportation. Below are some of the most dangerous roads in Wyoming:

Interstate 25 in Platte County, between Exit 100 and Exit 94
Interstate 25 from Exit 73 to Exit 70
Interstate 25 from Exit 165 to Deer Creek Rd.
SR-137 from Northern Arapahoe Rd. to Miller Ln.
Interstate 80 from Exit 228 to Exit 235
Interstate 80 from Exit 272 to Elk Mountain Arlington Rd.
Interstate 80 from Exit 30 to Exit 34
Interstate 80 from Exit 335 to Exit 339
Interstate 80 from Exit 99 to Exit 104
US-26 from Forest Rd. 31045 to Forest Rd. 31055A

LegalFinders Can Help Put You at Ease with Experienced, Trustworthy Personal Injury Attorneys

When you use our free consultation, you’ll be connected with industry-leading law firms determined to make sure you get fair compensation. LegalFinders will do this while being mindful of the associated traumas that may surface.

LegalFinders is determined to assist you with your legal representation needs by connecting you to our network of experienced attorneys for a free case evaluation. Even if you don’t have insurance that would strengthen your claim, do not hesitate.

If your loved one has died in an accident due to someone else’s misconduct or you’ve experienced financial hardship in the aftermath of an accident, we want to help you find a legal expert to lessen the burden of the tragedy however possible. LegalFinders can help you search for all the answers.

With a personal injury lawyer that you met through LegalFinders, you’ll be on your way to filing a successful claim. Be it property damage, personal injury or wrongful death, bikers are in good hands with LegalFinders: we’ll help you reach a settlement that will lessen your motorcycle accident burden by connecting you with a top-rated attorney.


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